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Discussion Worst things that has happened by Tik-Tok influencers.


What are the things you can think of that you just found really beyond obnoxious and also extremely dangerous done by tik-tok "influencers" if you could call them that.

One example comes to mind is when they tried whitening their teeth with bleach or how they were licking objects in hopes of getting the rona. Other examples you can think of is the holocaust larping which is really disturbing.

Natural selection at its finest wouldn't you say?


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It's very difficult to give you examples when I don't associate even with 3rd party media that speaks about these wastes of space.


I also saw a video when one blogger tried to whiten his teeth with bleach. And this is a very dangerous video; many children saw it and wanted to repeat it. So I think that such videos should be blocked immediately. My friend is making videos that help you not to hurt yourself. But then his account got a shadowban, and the videos stopped getting into the recommendations. A friend was troubled, but then he found one site where to buy tiktok followers. He purchased a small number of subscribers there, and his business took off after that. He keeps making helpful videos, and that's cool.
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