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Youtuber got sued by VShojo over a video of calling out Froot




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Credit to this post https://varishangout.net/notice/AKVkMPd6xK0Bft2Tlg , posting it here cause it's a pain to search for shit on the Fediverse

Here's the twitter post: Archive of tweet
Looks like it's not actually a lawsuit but a request from lawyers asking him to remove the Vshitshow logo.
Well just more reasons to hate VShitshow I guess, idk this KatzProduction guy seems like a faggot as well.

lol we even show up in one of the videos and one of my posts is in it and he talks about it

The video is meh and the dude did not link back to us as a source. so he loses points for that, well as being a bit of a sperg

but from what I can tell the video should fall under fair use. so I don't think Vshojo has grounds to take it down on copyright. if they wanted to take it down cuz the dude is a dick they prob should have done it another way

either way can't wait for my post to show up in court doc's lmao