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    Megathread Lolidrama

    Christ, not even 20 pages in and it has already hit Infected. The newfags are really starting to do a number on the posting quality of the site.
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    Music What're you listening to?

    Only real classics allowed.
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    NSFW would you fap to toddlercon?

    No, I'm racist against gnomes.
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    Lolidrama DuncanCantDie, British Pokemon gamer and YouTuber, refuses to take L from lolicons......again

    (archive) (archive) Man, at some point, even the twitter kiddies that follow this particular e-celeb have to admit that he is very quickly becoming a more interesting sideshow that whatever tired argument about cartoon porn he's shuffling out. Not only is he producing gold like this, he's not...
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    Megathread Lolidrama

    He's an old ghost of Gamergate that hung onto the anti-SJW label until it was no longer popular; at which point Matt morphed into whatever the fuck he is now. It's a common story, and funny enough these are often the same people who were soft defending the right for things like lolisho to exist...
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    Megathread Lolidrama

    Mundane Matt still having a career online absolutely baffles me; I do not ever want to meet the type of person who is still subscribed to their Youtube channel and actively watches their content. It's like he got locked into a vault in 2013 and still thinks anything from back then is relevant.
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    Happenings Minors Whomst'd've Outed Themselves on this Site

    Do they not know that you can lie on the Internet?
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    Discussion what are your thoughts on null aka joshua moon

    He runs a website that I browse daily in order to feel better about my own sorry state of affairs, however he doesn't heckin' validate my weird anime fetishes. So about neutral.
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    Lolidrama DuncanCantDie, British Pokemon gamer and YouTuber, refuses to take L from lolicons......again

    How in gods name do you start an internet fight and have to take a break because somebody on the Internet thinks you're a whiny British faggot? Like what are a bunch of screaming weebs going to do? Show up to your door and demand your Pokemon card collection at gunpoint? The only impression I'm...
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    Happenings KiwiFarms gets DDoS'd

    So what's your fallback plan in the event that some cunny poster pisses off somebody powerful, Halo? Outside of hiding in the Estonian wilderness.
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    anime/manga with cute and lolis/shotas

    Oh man, Rizelmine, that one was hilarious in that early 00s way. Anyways, Ichigo Mashimaro should absolutely be on your list if you haven't watched it yet, Barasui is a god. If you're fine with things that aren't terribly lewd and just feature main characters that fall into that particular...
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    Megathread Controversies and bad/good behaviour of Companies in the industry (WIP)

    @NretsewThePerv IIRC you had a lot of knowledge in regards to company fuckery.
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    I recall playing it a year or so ago. It was a fun time, but definitely one of those things that benefits from a coordinated group running a specific logistics route or pushing a specific line.
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    Discussion More lolicons and antis than before?

    The prefixes themselves? Yes. Their use in the context of 'shipping' circles? Novel. A very internet thing.