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Drama Age gap drama - 30+ year old got called "Jeffrey Epstein" by a minor for saying sex with a 21 year old is not "grooming"


Basically the modern agegap drama by applying concept of grooming and pedophilia among adult relationships. Most of the time such weird takes comes from minors but it is an effective age gap shaming technique.


Direct link: Internet Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20230527180010/https://twitter.com/HugoThatPinkCat/status/1660252752193241094

Hero Hei and Pippa mentioned this twitter thread in their videos/stream.

Hero Hei:
Pippa stream clip:
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When other furries start calling out your idiocy you might as well end it all :shinobu_kaka:.

The way I see it, we as peoples have decided to give 18 to 21 years to develop, make mistakes and basically figure yourself out. If after that time you still think that you need to be coddled by others then that is your problem not others.

Now to be fair to them there is some kernel of truth in that nonsense in that adults with develomental issues are vulnerable to being taken advange off, but the thing is those adults are gonna be vulnerable whether they be 21 or 61, so that whole "post minor" nonsense is irrelevant.

Regarding the age gap thing, personally as long as both parties are adults and they did not know each other when one was not then it is fine by me.


Twitter users who get no action when two adults are openly enjoying sex despite an age gap :senko_disgust::senko_disgust::senko_disgust::senko_disgust::senko_disgust::senko_disgust::senko_disgust::senko_disgust::senko_disgust:

Wait until they find out about cougars. I wonder if they realize some men in their 20's find 50+ year old women sexy and some 20's women find 50+ year old men hot. Also as much as I can appreciate finding an older person attractive when you get older, Surely even at 70 I will still find 20-30 year olds hot. Do people think you have some magic filter that "stops" you from finding attractive people in their 20s attractive?


They're too far gone. I rather just flaunt how I'm going to break all of their retarded rules regardless if they ever succeed in getting congress to make age gaps illegal.