(EDIT: They may have cucked out) Ready or Not devs VOID Interactive resist change after losing publisher


It's seems after a Kotaku article, the devs made this statement about "the red pill"


From the Steam store page
"Ready or Not is an intense, tactical, first-person shooter that depicts a modern-day world in which SWAT police units are called to defuse hostile and confronting situations."

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A short summary of what happened was, on a Reddit AMA, the devs promised that there will be a school shooting related mission in the game, three days later Team17 stopped being their publisher
and today they release this statement:

Just something I noticed on Twitter. Game is still in early access, but most of the reviews seemed positive. Let me know if anything is missing.

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absolutely based, i fucking loved SWAT 4 and have been looking for a successor.
If the devs keep this up i may pick it up. I'd buy it now but i feel it's a bit too early and the 40 bucks seems a bit steep.
Anyway good on them for standing their ground, if only certain Japanese Jews did that with their cunny game :hana-disgust:.

also how the fuck are people upset that you're STOPPING A SCHOOL SHOOTING. Since when has that shit been controversial (If anyone adds more examples to the thread that'd be great :nana-thumb:, i'd do it myself but it's late and doing anything on this laptop is fucking awful :dead-inside:)
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as halo said that statement is fucken based and I hope they keep doing what they want to do and not give in to dumb ass fuckwits like whoever the fuck is in holos post

everything I've seen and heard about the game makes it look amazing. and once its a bit more polished I'm def interested in giving it a try if I can get some boys together to play it with

I think these guys have balls of fucken steel to even try to do a school shooting level in the modern era. like holy fucken shit. I hope they don't cuck out and do it as it's gonna piss so many people off. and what I love most is these are the same kind fuckwits who will go on and on about how "games are so impactful waaaa games are art waaaaa games need to be respected waaaa" when talking about shit like TLOU2 and the dad of war but soon as a dev wants to REALLY hit the nail on a proper sensitive subject and show people the real horror of it they clutch there pearls and suddenly "games should not be allowed to do this waaaaa". it's always funny when these people show their true colours

but yea game looks dope go give it a look if people are interested https://store.steampowered.com/app/1144200/Ready_or_Not/

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Lmao the comments are fucking hillarious

It would have been so ridiculously easy to handle this with more care. Seriously. Say nothing stupid about school shootings, don’t have edgy “jokes” and cringe voicelines, have female officers from day 1, aproach the subject matter with a little more distance (ie more clinically, less realism in some areas etc ) and don’t cultivate a small fanbase of gun honry weirdos.
Thats all this would take for this never to make the news.
And you have to be a right moron to not realise you need to do those things given the climate and the discussions surrounding the subject matter these days. You dont get to opt out of engaging with the politics of an inherently political topic. In fact you cant, all choices you make will be inherently political
Is my favorite comment so far. This nigger does realize that they are low on funds, right? And that adding a female cop would cost a lot more than a male cop with 4 different faces and the same VA?
Why should the devs make their game deliberately less realistic when their goal is realism?
And why shouldn't have cater to /k/ and weapon fags? Nobody shot up a school because of nice gun models.
But the best bit by far is the conclusion of the comment that every decision they make is somehow political.
It's a game not a fucking speech let people shoot pixels on a screen, there's nothing political about that.
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