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Fire Emblem Echoes Retranslation Patch


UPDATE 2023-12-30: The patch is now complete!

Are you tired of reading 8-4's purple prose? Do you wish that Mae wasn't cracking unfunny jokes every other line? Do you want Clair to not sound unpleasant?

Then this patch is for you! Say goodbye to crap like "BUT DRAGONS!" and hello to tolerable dialogue!

This patch is a retranslation of Fire Emblem Echoes, intended on bringing a more accurate interpretation of the original Japanese script. This mod only works with North American and European copies. Make sure you also have the undub patch, otherwise the script won't flow.

I am aware that pretty much no one on this forum is a fan of 8-4. Their interpretations of some scenes were... interesting, I have to say. Fire Emblem Echoes is a great game, so I think it deserves a better translation.

This path covers the main story, the post game, all adventure mode dialogue, all support conversations, all base conversations, and all the memory prisms. I've also covered most of the character names, location names, item names, spell names, skill names, class names, and sidequest dialogue.

There are two versions of this patch:

One that uses the original Japanese names for EVERYTHING(i.e. "Nosferatu" to "Resire" and "Armor Knight" to "Armor") and one that uses localized names for everything except characters, locations, and spells, skills and classes that are unique to Gaiden/Echoes(i.e. "Expel" to "Dear").

There is also a dump of the retranslated script in labeled files with a complete chapter list bundled with the patch that may be used for wikis and such.

If you find an error/typo, please report it. There are also some scenes that may skip instead of playing. If anyone knows the cause of this error, please let me know.

These are scenes that I have found to have issues on LayeredFS:
The after battle cutscene in Ram Forest
Amidst The Flames(Memory Prism)
Unlikely Encounter(Memory Prism)
Alm and Clair's A support
Celica and Conrad's A support

Have fun!


  • fire_emblem_echoes_retranslation_v1.2.zip
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  • fire_emblem_echoes_retranslation_v1.3.zip
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I started playing through Echoes again with this patch, and I'm having a blast! However, I was trying to play through the DLC and I'm struggling with getting the retranslated text. I might be doing something wrong with my luma file directory. Basically, I just copy the DLC title IDs and put them on the same folder as my luma/titles folder. Is that not the correct method?


I notice some likes in my reply, but I'm still confused about the DLC situation. Are you saying that the DLC title IDs that are extracted from the patch are supposed to be at the same folder as my luma/titles folder? I did have a locale file made in my Game title ID to have the DLC be registered. It had the line "EUR EN". Could that potentially be causing the problem?


We'll need the directories to run the DLC mod part, I'm trying to research if it is on the "Nintendo 3DS and more beyond there" folder, but haven't been able to run the DLC modded, only the base game. Thanks for your attention, Silvertail!


OK. So I'm feeling pretty stupid right now. I look into the mod files, and it turns out there is a ReadMe that goes into more detail on how to install the patch. In that ReadMe, Silvertail gave a link to a GamePatcher tool to hard-patch the cia. I'm going to test that tool out and if the DLC works than that means that I have wasted a lot of time bothering people when the answer was right there.