Humanity Mustn't get eradicated!

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Does this count as loli content or....?

So a little while ago I discovered a little manga called Jinrui O metsubou Wa Ikemasen. (or Humanity Mustn't get eradicated)


On his way home from work the 26 year old salaryman, Kawakita Osamu, encounters an alien named Lilin. She and her species plan on invading the earth but she ended up getting stranded on this planet. Can Osamu raise her to become a kind-hearted kid before her species eradicates humanity in five years?

Their dynamic is both adorable and hilarious. Lilin’s ego and spoiled princess attitude self-importance is balanced out by Kawakita’s down to earth attempts at parenting.


It’s honestly one of the funniest and cutest manga I've read in quite a while and I would highly recommend checking it out.

…Which makes it really unfortunate it’s getting canceled (not in the twitter sense, although I could imagine that happening also).
Yeah, I basically decided to make this post in a weak attempt to try and get the manga back on it’s feet. I just feel that while so many other mangas go on for far longer than they reasonably should that it really annoys me that one that still has so much stories to tell is just getting canned.


I pan on doing my part and If requested I will post my own copies when they’re purchased/arrived.

Looks cute. :ars-pat:

And yeah its important to support small creators. I, sadly, doubt we can do much to un-cancel it. But thanks for sharing anyways:gurayaya: