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This forum is meant as an archive for the stupidity going on the Internets, predebut VTubers being retarded, artists getting witch-hunted, the media being cancerous scumbags, etc. Anything that you see on internet and you fucking hate goes in here.

If it's something of minor importance, (e.g an irrelevant predebutVtuber being a fucking cunt) it should go into the respective Megathread

The rules

-Don't post anything illegal in the United States

-Don't post images of real minors in any way.

-Don't post private info (Real name, phone number, directions, etc) of anyone, even if you can easily find it because the user opsec sucks. Aka no Doxing, unless they have their real names all over their social media, such as the person in this thread.
The only exception to this rule is when the person getting doxed is a criminal (groomers, scammers, etc) and the information 100% proven to be real, in that case you can post it freely.

-Don't organize harassment campaigns or similar shit.

-NSFW must be spoilered

-Don't do any sort credible threat of violence, or calls for violence against others, aka fedposting.

-Use the respective sub forums

-Use the respective prefix for each thread.

-Archive as much as you can. Things that are not too relevant aren't that important to archive, but thing that are more serious and that can be modified/delete should always be archived
Additionally any sort of article from a media outlet you fucking hate would be better to post it with an archive link, that way you don't give them any AD revenue.

Easy enough right?

Sub Forums
Each sub-forum has a different purpose, be sure your post is in the correct one.

General Garbage: Things from other parts of the internet that don't have their own subforum, such as Reddit.

Twitter Bullshitery: Anything from twitter, and endless source of the worst of internet.

Mainstream Media Annoyances: The media is corrupted beyond repair, all threads related to the MSM as well as game journalism and websites like Kotaku go in here.
Thread prefix

Use the respective categories for each new thread

[Censorship] As the title suggests, either twitter users calling for censorship of an game or anime, game journos trying to get a game censored because it's "problematic", game developers doing it themselves, etc.

[LoliDrama] For the constant drama going on around lolis, artist getting witch hunted, dogfuckers(aka furries) trying to have the moral high ground over them despite having a massive backlog of animal and child abuse. And since we hate everyone posts about lolicons being fucking autistic are also allowed here.

[Drama] General drama unrelated to the above

[NSFL] Not Safe For Life, thing that are so grotesque that you lose the will to live.

How to Archive

Доверяй, но проверяй "Trust but verify"

It's really important that every time you post ANYTHING, be it a tweet, an article or whatever you post an archive link to it (even better if you add a text with the link in the screen-cap). That way there will be permanent evidence of it, even if they delete or modify it. Also that way we prevent people from getting Smugged (tweets faked with inspect element meant to cancel someone being shared around).
So, how do you do it?

1- Go to post a link to the website or tweet you want to archive, click save


Wait a bit and there you go, copy the url you will get and share it around .

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