Discussion More lolicons and antis than before?


I dont think its just lefards that love shota
yea but if you want to talk about some anime fans, fujoshi, or vtubers that love shota i think it should be in a different thread since this one is about sjw, haters, etc.


To touch on this a little. I think the reason we are seeing more open loli enjoyers is due to removal of stigma. Back in the 2010's liking loli or even hentai in general was considered gross by most people. Places to talk about it were lesser too. Unless you joined some dodgy message board you wouldn't be able to discuss it really.

In recent years with artists going to twitter more often (sadly not now due to the loli "ban") and more people being aware of pixiv and loli communities, we have got a more open setup. More people are happy to discuss loli. Sure the number of antis increased too but that was also due to how much more comfortable people got about talking about and sharing loli artwork. Antis only increased due to publicly presenting lolicons increasing in number too.

Either way it is good that Loli is alot less stigmatized than it used to be.