Drama Ninjisanji rrats/Graduations announcments.

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The 2% black company that has a sinking reputation.


Ninjisanji is the one of the biggest Vtuber company with 178 total streamers. They are also the second most popular vtuber company as 3/21/2023.
For some reason the en side in particular gets itself into some kind of weird drama. This is also a work in progress, I may add to this later.

Finana Ryugu:

Hated the word trap and says she freezes up when she hears it.
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Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 17-31-42 Finana Ryugu 🐠 NIJISANJI EN on Twitter.png

Despite doing this stream but to be fair she did a valentine date stream.
Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 17-34-54 【#ToLoveRyu2022】 VALENTINE'S DINNER DATE ♥【NIJISANJI EN Fina...png

Enna Alouette: Enna is someone who does not think before they act.


Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 20-08-23 Enna Alouette 🕊️🎐 NIJISANJI EN on Twitter.png

I have no words for this.

Kyo Kaneko A big Enna fan who probably wants to have sexual relations with Enna. Like most of xsolei very forgettable. And is someone who gets offended easily.

Hex Haywire I never actually watched him but he kinda threw Zaion under the bus.

(It's only ok if I have offensive jokes!)

Other stuff:

It's only ok if we do it! Note: this is what Ziaon did when she got fired.

Leaked discord.png

Of course their discord got leaked and aged like fine milk.

Did nothing wrong..jpg

Zaion did nothing wrong.


about the Zaion this is what some user who put a lot of effort posted about it.

>Using a copyrighted song in her stream without prior authorization
Luca hasn't apologised: https://warosu.org/vt/thread/S23331437#
Uki fucks with Disney: https://warosu.org/vt/thread/S25840152#p25842536#
>Revealing internal information that can potentially cause issues for stakeholders during her stream
Everyone revealed how assblasted they are. Zaion's probably in it too.
>Making statements that could lead to speculation or leaking of internal information using social media accounts that she personally operates, during her activity suspension time
Led to speculation and slander of rival companies: https://files.catbox.moe/615dx3.png
Led to speculation about event cancellation: https://files.catbox.moe/8x52vs.jpg & https://files.catbox.moe/q089sc.png
Led to speculation about merchandise profits: https://files.catbox.moe/33y8k4.mp4
Her Streamlabs was terminated by this point if it refers to liking of comments.
>Offensive remarks regarding discrimination and sexual assault
"Rape joke" on fictional character:
Mentioned rape:
Reads comment calling her queen of jews:
Soviet Union joke:
Racism against Sikh characters: https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxWwUzINSE6pSdX9GW_X1FBY7ZSpPEOulo
Stereotyping accent: White face: https://archive.is/WbisT
Misusing black features: Liking women vulnerable: https://files.catbox.moe/p0vz00.mkv
HIV "joke": https://files.catbox.moe/oucrjs.mp4
Man uncomfortable with sexual assault jokes shows dildo in front of audience of minors (video not age restricted): https://streamable.com/pn89he
Fans try to bury incident: https://files.catbox.moe/7rc52y.png
Kotoka teaches Mysta how to declare anal sex:
Mysta uses it on Riku Tazumi (it's ok, he's drunk):
Orally raped her sister indirectly:
Joke about genocide of fictional people: https://files.catbox.moe/vam5mu.png
>Several infringements of the Rules pertaining to the use of games defined by ANYCOLOR Inc. (including intentional infringements) and repeated false justifications given to ANYCOLOR Inc. regarding these infringements
Zaion fucked up. No idea what these rules are.
>Expressing her will to perform streams using illegal games (also referred to as pirate games)
Expressed her will meaning she didn't do it. You can't capture footage from a 3DS without a third party capture card or software which requires custom firmware. Game and console modding are both illegal in Japan. Most likely to be emulation. https://web.archive.org/web/20200806000920/https://www.nintendo.com/corp/legal.jsp
Another possible reason is that Zaion talked about playing romhacks or using emulators.
>Comments that can be considered offensive to the rights holder of a game during a stream
If the rights holder were such pussies then they should shut the fuck up and delete their game.
May refer to an island in Genshin called AIDS by the community, but HoYoverse gives no fucks about the word: https://files.catbox.moe/rpttcq.png
>Giving false information to other NIJISANJI EN Livers regarding the contents of her communications with ANYCOLOR Inc.
Zaion fucked up. I do not trust Finana's statement given her history.
Zaion was forced to give false information to her fans by management: https://files.catbox.moe/u1t1ni.png
>Falsely claiming to have received permission from ANYCOLOR Inc. after a viewer commented on Zaion performing an action prohibited by the Rules
Zaion fucked up if true.
>Falsely claiming to be sponsored by a brand during a stream
Raid Shadow Legends and deez nuts jokes. Management is out of touch with the world.
Turning Amamiya Kokoro's name into a deez nuts joke: https://files.catbox.moe/85ybja.mp4
>Giving "likes" to comments falling under defamation of NIJISANJI Livers and ANYCOLOR Inc., using social media accounts that she peronally operates
Zaion's Streamlabs was terminated at this point. It should be free reign for her to use her private social media in any way she wants.
"Defamation" of other vtubers not in their company: https://files.catbox.moe/23ybzo.mp4
>Numerous other actions and comments infringing the Contract and Rules
Incapable management thinking etcetera is acceptable. If putting someone on blast then it like the main branch:
Other "offenses" that did not lead to termination: https://rentry.org/exx63 and https://streamable.com/2qgth0
Just behave for a bit to wipe their slates clean: https://streamable.com/51juoi

If these allegations are correct and she has streamed for a month than she s more hardcore than pipkin pippa. I am just a Selen and Pomu watcher, I usually get upset havng to decide who to watch between pippa and selen when they usually stream around the same time frames. Selen explicitly said that using PL or Personal accounts is forbidden by Nijisanji. This came up shortly after her debut, when people asked her to play on her main Apex account. Management specifically told her that she had to make a new account and could not carry over her old account so I am assuming this was another yab at Zaion for using her personal account for streaming some games.

I am not really a nijisanji watcher (only watch Selen or Pomu) but the plus side is that they have gotten alot of collabs with Vshojo and Hololive like Selen collabing with Axel, Froot doing a random Apex stream with Selen on twitch. Reimu doing an apex collab with Zen and Froot but got cancelled because of Froots shit internet claim, etc. The only thing I ever heard about a Hololive and Vshojo collab was with nyanners and kiara and supposedly Froots old buddy commander chaos joining Tempus branch in hololive as Bettel Gavis(maybe there are connections between companies), but its rare even for the Vshojo members to collab with themselves (iron mouse/ nyanners and haruka/zen/froot occasional streams dont count). Nijisanji hasnt started collabs with phase connect or idol corps or they assume these companies are still small and dont want them to leech off their company's viewers. Everyone is going she should join phase connect but don't think the company would want her assuming if they ever had future plans of wanting their vtubers to collab with Nijisanji like Pippa.


TL;DR be prepared for the worst if you aren't part of the "family" (read: clique)

Niji listing the shit Zaion likes in her private life twitter as one of the reason, meanwhile Kyo:

Oh right, I forgot that he is in Enna's clique

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Hated the word trap and says she freezes up when she hears it.
What makes this so funny is, she wouldn't get as much backlash if she stop at the initial tweet. Most of the sentiment on her initial tweet was "it's a shitty decision and reason to ban trap, but she can do whatever she want with her stream", but then she had to set people off with the follow-up tweet :kekw:
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I am assuming zaion should have kept a low profile at 1st, I mean sure Finana has slightly more yabs than Zaion but the difference between them is that Finana has streamed more and received a bigger fanbase. If Zaion received all those yabs in a month and Finana received all those yabs in her 2 years of Vtubing than on a monthly scale Finana has had way less yabs than Zaion for management to worry about. These statements of mine sound like i am defending Nijisanji management decisions but I am assuming Zaion had to tone it down a bit.

Lost Branch

Man, how the hell has Niji not been sued into the ground. If this is how the English side is, what the hell is happening in the rest of the company.


Leaked discord.png

Of course their discord got leaked and aged like fine milk.
I really don't care too much about Niji. Too me it's just a streamer company that every so often does things idol companies do.
The discord leak though. It honestly seems to me that (at least EN) is comprised of people that are salty they didn't get accepted into Hololive and had to settle for Niji and are now trying to defend their decision to themselves.


Screenshot 2023-04-23 170642.jpg

Guess I am going to fly to Canada, search for cute pudgy Asian girls and hope its Selen.
Edit: Watched the Vod, Main takeaways.

Selen: "how can they be racists if they are hot"(thinks italians were being racist to chinese and she is chinese), - she thinks racists are hot
Selen: talks about tinder -code word for she wants to fuck.
Selen: "I want the big guns not the small guns" -she is a size queen.
Selen: "I got distracted by his blue eyes" she likes white people with blue eyes.

in case anyone wants to go fling with her in Canada this is my advice I got from the vod.
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i love how theres so much on nijisanji and then none of us can find anything on shu because either he is actually a good person or he just knows how to keep his mouth shut


These drama whore roasties are unwatchable but ironically Niji EN has the first male vtuber I enjoy; Ike Eveland. Imaging a dude being the saving grace of your English branch. Jesus! Someone in their staff should commit seppuku immediately.


checked the Selen thread on /vt/ and seeing interesting comments about her relationships of either Ac1dreignz, ohnocturnal.

Selen has known acid for a decent amount of time but if they were in a relationship, Acid would be pissed with her offstream collab with another straight male like nocturnal or talking about his rooster( probably cock) on the stream i am watching today.

Selen has known nocturnal just recently and if he was in a relationship, he would be pissed with her offstream collabs with Acid.

If either were in a relationship where Selen is the girlfriend or wife both would be pissed if she randomly talked about a social media website to go fuck the opposite sex like Tinder

For the stalkers tracking her off stream plays, I think I will just tell them to give up since my own head is spinning trying to go verify shit with her. There were even threads before stating she was fucking the niji or holo homos ike or axel. The amount of mental gymnastics is sometimes not worth it which might be amusing to some here if it's coming from me.