Megathread Stupid Shit You Find On Twitter

This twitter user, from what I learned from twitter user AKI, aka sketchkun, had the FBI enter into this user's house over a fictional character. I don't know who though. And the threat that this user posted before deleting it. It was a bomb threat. I was informed that the account is deleted because the user realized the FBI was over at his house. A bomb threat over a fictional character. What an idiot.
Jeez fucking antis man
Youd think an american would know hiw seriously the fbi and police take bomb threats

(And yes I rewrote my comment cause I completely missunderstood the post. Its late and I have a cold:mokou-lying:)
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yeah, i'd have archived that, but since everyone knows about it, i think i don't need to

also want to archive the screenshots here to add to the list of idiots who are willing to do shitty shit over drawings

tbh honestly makes me feel fucking ecstatic that my visit was better than this shit lmfao, imagine getting a fucking visit because you wanted to make a threat bombing someone's house because "naevis" (whatever the fuck those are) and "LITERAL CHILD PORN" lmfao

fucking brat deserved it
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An artist received a commission from a pronoun in bio of a black character.
I'll give you one guess as to what happened once the commission was complete.





Tweet ||

As you can see, there is a proper way to color black characters.
And of course, god forbid that you DON'T know how to do it, or else you won't get paid, even if you spent hours drawing their character so they're satisfied.

Immediately for failing to satisfy whatever the fuck kinda weird "you have to be this black to be acceptable," the artist gets accused of whitewashing and racism like it's nothing.
Like what the fuck.
And despite all the free fixes and spent time, this piece of shit still refuses to pay.

Looking at Suzuhi's art, they often work with lighter colors, so not surprised that the product would be incredibly "lighter" than the reference.
Also to note: Suzuhi hasn't drawn a black character before. So yeah.

Well, this is why you don't draw, especially do comms, involving black characters.





It's rather interesting how the artist didn't get paid nor should be expected to be somehow perfect at coloring, especially dark skin, but everyone claims that the artist did, in fact, get paid and they're just being a whiny bitch, and how if you aren't a perfect artist who doesn't know how to color a black character, you shouldn't accept commissions or do art.

Anyway, that's why literally no one respects these types of people.

Daily Reminder:
artist harassment 1.jpg
artist harassment 2.jpg

artist harassment 3.jpg
artist harassment 4.jpg

And I feel like I'm racist for only thinking and feeling that this artist's "art" isn't more than "just bad" and just plain revolting caricatures.
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I was debating making a thread about this but its such a nothing story I think it fits better here as just another entry.

So merrywheater made a meme comic with an anime version of big chungus and thanos and goku. And twitter hates it for... some reason.

I mean its just another "le funny meme" comic from merrywheater. Its a little cringe but nothing special. I guess there must no have been anything else for twatter to get mad over that day :kekw:


Seems a woke feminist is crying again about Otaku's giving blood. Guess they rather have aids then have 100% virgin blood it seems.
The person deleted the account right away after posting. Most likely got flamed into kingdom come.

Screenshot 2022-01-01 at 17-52-28 Romly C99 2日目 東テ-37a on Twitter.pngScreenshot 2022-01-01 at 17-54-09 Romly C99 2日目 東テ-37a on Twitter.png


This is my first using and participating in forum, so please tell me if I made mistake like the format I'm using is wrong, I should post x at y megathread or something along those.

I'm bored at the moment and decided to check QRT of Anitwt blocklist which contain people making/supporting lolisho contents.....

I've found a gemView attachment 9156View attachment 9157

At first it was your typical anti-lolisho pointing pedo finger at lolicon, but when it (inevitably) comes down to "I don't think a child would looks like *insert a loli here*", their response is shockingView attachment 9158

there is a thread for anti-loli stuff

also I think you should make the images not so big or use the spoiler tag.

this is just a recommendation from me, I am not a moderator so don't worry about me.