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Tags in General

horse doctor

there's only the discussion tag, can we get some more tags based on things specific in each category i.e. retro for games, separate tags for music movies etc. in media, nijisanji tag in vtuber, etc.


Tags are forum specific. These are the ones we currently have. If you guys have suggestions just list them off and give me a colour to assign to them.
Ah I completely forgot to remake the nijisanji tag :bap:
I'll take the ones you suggested so far tho, those are pretty good



Added the following tags/prefixes. Available in their respective subforums
  1. Vidya
    • Retro
    • Visual Novels
  2. Media
    • Music
    • Movies
    • Doujins
    • Manga
    • Light Novels
    • Novels
  3. Vtubers
    • Nijisanji (featuring a rainbow background to match their logo)
  4. Internet Bullshit
    • Happenings


1. Vidya
  • Gacha
also moved these tags to general, since I have no clue which tags @NretsewThePerv wanted standardized
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just a general a standardized set of tags for general things that can be used regardless of what sub from you are in

that list looks good. tho along with NSFL and add an NSFW one as well. was considering a porn game thread in gaming so that would be useful

the key point is to keep it simple. if a subforum needs anything more specific then it can be asked for. but there NEEDS to be a universally agreed on set that's easy to understand

I'm sure and time moves on more general ones can be requested as needed