Discussion Anime That You Will Re-Watch No Matter What


Anime I re-play in the background for when I'm working on something:
-Ouran Host Club - in English dub. I forever appreciate Vic Mignogna's obnoxious voice acting in that role.
-Polar Bear Cafe
Anime I keep rewatching:


Machikado Mazoku, i love weak heroine who train and improve herself to overcome impossible odds. She is also cute when doing part time jobs!
Jup. Shamiko is hilarious. Aside from a funny protagonist, I've got a whole folder of her "reaction images" LMAO.
If anyone wants any of those, just lemme know 👍


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Try watching some anime you like together on discord or something, it can be a totally different exp.
I always rewatch High School DxD, Serial experiments lain and if i feel some slow SOL series.


Non Non Biyori, initial d stages 1 and 2, Strawberry Marshmallow, and hetalia. Non Non Biyori is probably my favorite anime, I first watched it during a tough time in my life, so it's special to me. Initial D stages 1 and 2 just always seem to get and keep my attention really well, probably autism. Strawberry Marshmallow has the perfect ratio of adorable, funny, and cunny. Hetalia is the only dubbed anime I watch, mostly because it's just better than the sub. Hetalia's dub has good VAs and it just makes a lot more sense in an English dub because the whole point of the show being poking fun at different countries' stereotypes is made better when given accents in a versatile language like English. Maybe I'm not making any sense but it makes me laugh and it has plenty of funny historical things in it so I like it and I've rewatched it multiple times.


Monogatari series, Zetsubo-sensei series, minami-ke Series, Tenchi muhyo, war in geminar, slow start, Working!, Engaged to the unidentified, nyaruko-san, toaru majutsu no index, toaru kagaku no railgun, oreshura, sakurasou, danshi kokosei no nichijou, GJ-bu, Yuru Yuri


Waai! A fellow Grimgar appreciator!


For me, it’s both a blessing and curse, that I tend to cut webms and then rewatch them instead of the series. This helps to remember the show better, but rewatching it will be possible only after several years. Though for some light shows I can randomly open an episode and be stuck in it till the end, but that’s rare.


I find myself rewatching toradora like once a year, i'm starting to forget steins;gate so i should prolly give that a look again sometime.


I find myself rewatching toradora like once a year, i'm starting to forget steins;gate so i should prolly give that a look again sometime.
The classic Anime that you want to forget tp get that first watch experience again
The moment when Kushieda collapses gets me every time. It’s the reason why I don’t rewatch this show any more, it’s too cruel to see best girl suffer in an infinite loop.
I read the novel is great, much better than the anime
I also saw the anime 2 times

An anime that I have been thinking of seeing again since I have seen it many years ago and I hardly remember anything is Sakurasou no pet na kanoujo
it's one of my favorite romantic comedy
and kayanon's interpretation of Shiina Mashiro is one of the best :salute:
and she is so cute~ 💕