Archiving and Image Uploading


It is of utmost importance that you archive material you post which may have a chance of being deleted, amended, or corrupted in some form. This is especially true for posts originating from volatile environments like social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or news articles.

Sites that specifically catalog events and happengs (such as KiwiFarms) are well-known for archiving material, and it greatly increases the quality of records available on the forum. Without an archive, bad actors could claim that what is presented has been doctored. Remove this faulty argument from their waning arsenal.

Please follow the instructions below and archive important material regardless of what you're posting on the forum, be it pertaining to simple news events or instances of drama. It's good practice to follow even if what you're discussing isn't sensitive.

The following copied from this thread
Доверяй, но проверяй "Trust but verify"

It's really important that every time you post ANYTHING, be it a tweet, an article or whatever you post an archive link to it (even better if you add a text with the link in the screen-cap). That way there will be permanent evidence of it, even if they delete or modify it. Also that way we prevent people from getting Smugged (tweets faked with inspect element meant to cancel someone being shared around).
So, how do you do it?

1- Go to post a link to the website or tweet you want to archive, click save


Wait a bit and there you go, copy the url you will get and share it around .


And if you aren't lazy you can add the archive link onto the screenshot, so if anyone decides to spread it on twitter everyone has access to the original tweet/article/whateveryouposted.

Uploading to an external image host
Due to the server being self-hosted, me being a cheap SoB (who's also broke), and American ISPs being greedy cunts, loading times can be rather slow. For larger threads its recommended that you upload images to a separate host like Imgur


1. If on homepage look to the top left corner to find the new post button

2. Follow the on screen directions and upload your files

3. You're Done!

After you've chosen the image host and upload the files its as easy as copying the image address and linking it in your post

1. Copy the image address

2. Find the image button in the top formatting bar


3. Switch from Upload to URL

4. Paste the image address and insert

If you uloaded a GIF to imgur, it will give you a video instead, but you can fix it just by changing .mp4 for .gif ad the end of your link

Congrats soldier, you're ready to start bitching about twitter retards on a professional level.
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