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Out of the listed major factions, which one do you like the most?

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You still dicking around in the capitol wasteland or have you moved on to the Mojave? How you doing with the DLCs as well?
Actually I never reached it. I started off in the Mojave for some reason, maybe because I didn't properly install NVSE or something. Kind of a shame but ehh, what you gonna do. I mainly wanted to try the New Vegas DLCs anyway. I wanted to do them so that I got the genuine Joshua, Mobius and Ulysses experience. Though after meeting the first two I think I was over hyping them a bit, and that their best moments were already spoiled for me. I didn’t get to Lonesome Road yet though so there's still hope for the flag bearer.
i'd be interested in reading that if you write it out
Well I was thinking about doing something like The Rise of Bossman in a PDF format with text and images. I might still try this but, well I reinstalled Steam a couple of days ago and didn’t realize that that would not only uninstall all of my games (if I bought it from Gog would something like this still happen?) but it would also delete all of my screenshots as well, so I might not have any visual media to accompany it if I tried to write it. I might write down my adventure in the Zion and the Big empty but that’s beside the point.
holy shit it is about time.
Yeah, hopefully the review score on steam improves soon. A couple of people have already made videos on them (1) (2) (3). While there still seems to be some mods that work a lot of them don’t, and Tale of Two Wastelands is unfortunately one of those mods. This has two effects: One, I think it broke my New Vegas which makes sense since all the save files are technically missing half a game now. I'll try deleting them and turning off other mods to make sure they aren't causing problems and see if that helps. Second: I wanted to make the first real documented playthrough of a Two Wastelands playthrough but now that doesn’t seem to be possible:

This leaves me with 3 options:
(1. Wait for an update that may never come because the creator has either been working on a different update that still hasn’t been released or has totally abandoned the project.
(2. Start learning how to use the GECK and attempt to create a jank solution, creating the first Tale of Two loosely Conjoined Wastelands.
(3 Give up.

I’ll keep you updated.