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Fangz (@kaijufangz || archived(01/03/2021)) is another fairly run of the mill English vtuber, that thrives off drama, and came into the spotlight during the kyuotto drama. Despite still having no (public) content, and spending time on twitter talking rather than doing anything they've still managed to get $346 a month donated to them, and have rounded up 2.3k YouTube subscribers, along with 5k twitter followers. So a round of applause for that.

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So clearly they aren't here because of their content :illya-smug: then why bother mentioning them?
Kaijufangz is what you'd find if you looked up "Vtweeter" in the dictionary (assuming it was a word)
They got their attention from trying to cancel Kyuotto, and are now shocked that no one wants to associate themselves with her. This also ignores the fact they have 0 content to show.

Here are all the screenshots and archives I could find when she tried to cancel Kyuotto. This is not an opinion or "just criticism", she directly engaged in the Kyuotto's harassment, and insulted anyone that disagreed with her.

She tried to apply for hololiveEN and was told to GTFO because of all of the above

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"I am just here to have fun, be a cute anime girl and make people laugh"
You aren't winning yourself any favours from the prime vtuber audience then...
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They've also removed predebut in a hope to rid the stigma that predebuters have, but that doesn't change the fact she still goes by "Kaiju Vtuber" and hasn't posted any sort of content outside of the pictures and merch (yes they're already producing merch (archive) despite not having a single public stream, and not even debutting :thonk:).
The reason why calling herself "Kaiju Vtuber" matters is because you're still going to attract the vtuber crowd, and when they see you have nothing to show (unless they're willing to give you 3 dollars on patreon), you'll be told to stop talking as if you're apart of the vtuber community. Which she's also attempted to distance herself from (but not very well apparently)

Along with this they handle minour criticisms very poorly. If you don't want to be called a vtweeter, then stop tweeting and focus on your bloody debut.
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You're meant to be a streamer, not an artists.
If you don't want to be held to vtuber expectations, but still want to stream then draw on stream without the model.
You don't have to be a vtuber. If you want to stream, just stream. Its that simple. You can add a model later on if you really want on, but quite frankly if you can't hold an audience without a model I don't think its gonna help much :kuroko-sip:

Despite thinking they've got it all figured out they seem to misunderstand why Vtuber fans are upset with them.
You haven't contributed a single thing to the community, yet attempt to change it in your favour as if you own the damn thing.
That is why predebuters are disliked, and why vtweeters became a word.

So many of these peoples problems could be solved by simply not calling themselves a vtuber, and just being a streamer.


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Naturally when they aren't pissing off an entire community the rest of their timeline is "uwu friendly vtuber" tweets

Then stop tweeting and focus on actually debuting.

Again. Stop sitting on twitter and work on the debut more.

just... what?

So why does Kaijufangz deserve a thread? She's a prime warning for all those would be vtubers out there. If you really want to vtuber, without dealing with the predebut stigma you've got 3 incredibly simple choices ahead of you:
A. Have everything prepared before you go to twitter, or whatever platform you use to advertise.
B. Stream from the start, and slowly add on all the vtuber parts.
C. Don't talk as if you own the community before you've even joined it.

I'm not much of a thread writer, and barely scrapped the surface, so any additions to this are welcome.
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Man, I have so little to say about this bitch besides good riddance, it was just great seeing her being blown out of the water when Hololive asked for applications.

It appears tweeting was too much for her :kekw:
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tldr: i won't debut until im ready

This happened because multiple pre-debut vtubers like yourself came out of nowhere and began attempting to change the community to fit your own agenda. The biggest thing being the blatant attacks on loli vtubers. Jap pre-debut vtubers are rarely brought to the light, because they know their place and don't try to talk for the entire community without even joining it.
If you don't want lolicons in your fanbase no one would've cared. Your biggest mistake was trying to talk for vtubers as a whole

I mean, you see cute anime girl, you expect cute anime girl voice. That's just a me thing though I think

A friendly reminder that you are not entitled to being apart of the vtuber community. Don't like the way the community is? Don't like the people who built the Western fanbase? Want to change it? Cry about it.

You're attempting to be a vtuber. You're going to have certain expectations put upon you. Don't like it, don't be a vtuber.

The fanbase is full of neets and weebs, I don't think any of them feel bad since thats a majority of our lives :satania-cry:

Another tip for pre-debut vtubers: There's nothing wrong with trying to meet your own standards. If you think you aren't ready don't rush it. However you have one chance to make a first impression. Don't squander it by getting in twitter drama, or popping on the scene too early.


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They're mad they can't come in, gain positions of power, consolidate said power, and then change the content using said power. The problem is they'll just move to the *platform* level. Next time they might go to Twitch or YouTube to do the cancelling.

I'm honestly surprised Fangz didn't try to go to the platform level after infiltration failed.

Grifters gonna grift. But hey, she managed to get three digits of shekels and an audience way larger than I have despite producing literally nothing. Perhaps that's a skill in of itself?

Do people actually harass each other about "debuts" specifically? From where I stand no one really seems to care about the debut itself, just if you're actually making content and not just postponing your "debut" endlessly.

I guess I barely pay attention to the indie scene though. Only really get exposed to it through osmosis here and from that vtubers cringe twitter.


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She'd probably have twice the audience and actually be making money instead of begging for it if she'd just debuted with a worse model a few months ago. All this stupid fucking "I need to pay x money for a perfect model with 3 billion rigging points and studio grade audio equipment and stream art" shit is so irritating. If you think people are watching you just because your model is perfect then you're basically just admitting you're a shit entertainer and rely entirely on your appearance being nice.

EDIT: Who am I kidding, she'd have no audience left by now if she debuted a few months ago :kekw: