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Will her debut be successful?

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Constantly getting to hear "get help" from a person that probably couldn't survive a day without a helmet and social welfare is really something you only get on the internet.
Yeah, the only help I will ever need is the constant tune of downie screams for when this type of retardation we see nowadays will get hunted in the streets.

EDIT: To exemplify.
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you may want to start a new online persona for that :illya-smug:
you've already alienated a large audience who would've supported you otherwise
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maybe and just maybe if they SHUT UP about their politics and just posted without saying anything they would be able to do that :hibiki-chew:
Hell they could make a second account if they really want to whine about some nonsense thwy need to separate it frim the brand

Did senpai notice us?
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Guess who
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How do you not get it cause thats not how victim mentality works yeah i know i know. You literally attacked another vtuber. You don't deserve pity.
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*scrolls back to screeching about loli*

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also the thread has a poll now. you should vote :p
Outstanding work spreading the forum around, we need more people doing that

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she is really trying to come back lol.
Well here's hoping the debut is a flop.
Although considering she gets $600 for doing nothing and posting on twitter I'm afraid there's people dumb enough to watch it.
Andie (Andiemations and a few other accounts) has a combined follower count of like 50k and she cried for weeks about only getting 5 viewers on her streams when she debuted despite shilling it for weeks across multiple accounts. She also got quite a lot of money via patreon/ko-fi so it's probably not the most reliable indicator of success.

Wouldn't shock me if Kaiju just gets pity bucks from people that don't know better. I doubt she'll actually maintain an audience with her kind of personality regardless of whether or not her debut is a success anyway.

By just reading this thread I can say that her constant whining about "overworking" and "wanna be an artist, but not enough inspiration" somehow makes me feel offended lol

I know some artists that truly overwork themselves at the point of literally working with an injury just for the sake of keep drawing or making money to pay the bills and food.
Pumpkin Spice, that man is literally working with tendinitis and still hasn't healed up as far as I'm concerned.
Ristibell, a friend of mine, barely makes 300-400 USD and keeps working day and night on weird ass commisions just to pay bills and food.
SoDevs, had an injury on the left hand and was forced to take a break.

Those are just a few examples and God knows how many injured ones are there working at the industry or as a freelancers.

Are you sure about that? 🤔