KiwiFarms gets thrown under the bus by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene inadvertently providing cover for Keffals

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Army of drooling imbeciles attack Free Speech Forum because people there said mean things about Keffals

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If you had told me a few years ago that a Free Speech website would be targeted by a sitting Republican member of Congress for supposedly being behind the SWATting attempt on them, in favor of unexpectedly allying with a known groomer and dirtbag like trans activist grifter Keffals (whom I will never forgive for siccing her army of drooling fanboys on my Twitter mutual A_Gusty_Gal, who happens to be transgender herself) I would have called you a liar. I'm sure people who post here have their own opinions on KF (I will readily admit to posting there for the last 3 years) because there are some Anti morons in the forums who seem to be incapable of separating fiction from reality. Be that as it may, the fact is that if KiwiFarms gets completely taken down (via fuckery of appealing to mega-corporations) it will signal the death knell of the open internet. Don't for one moment think we won't be targeted here since many of us are hated by the likes of Keffals who routinely project their crimes onto us for the sole "crime" of enjoying lolis/shotas (and not even hentai, but straight up regular SFW loli/shota characters).

At least for the moment, KF isn't going to be gone but be aware of the shitstorm going on via Twitter. The likelihood is that, like other times, Keffals employed bots to drum up her Ban KiwiFarms hashtags so that it got traction for her brigade of imbeciles to drive it forward. Then it got traction because some of the people KF has documented in the past were "journalists" and they used their position to get the Corporate Media to go on about it. Then MTG stuffed her foot down her throat on Fox News by implying KF was behind the SWATting.



Cloudflare caved.
wtf I can't believe they actually did it

anyway here's the admin's reaction on Telegram

"Some argue that we should terminate these services to content we find reprehensible so that others can launch attack to knock it offline. That would be the equivalent argument in the pysical world that the fire department shouldn't respond to fires in the homes of people who do not possess sufficient moral character."

-Mathew Prince, CEO of Cloudfare


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Jesus. Never posted there but it really was the last prominent online community that was vocally against all the trans globohomo shit.

Isn't the site still available if you just use
.Ru instead?

Like this whole thing seems pointless in the grand scheme of things.
Yeah I'm not sure what the deal is with the .ru one. I guess the issue now is that it's their last leg and without Cloudflare it'll probably get DDOS'd too.

Well Cloudfare lasted slightly longer then most cooperation's bending over for that trannoid trans penis but still cucked in the end.

But goddamn this Keffals fucker is whole can of groomer worms. Has no one told MTG that trannoid is a leper that can damage her political career. Does MTG even employ some press monkeys or spin docters screening out retards like Keffals who is known to use others/tech companies to silence his critics?

But then again politicians are known to be absolute digital Illiterate retards.

Isn't the site still available if you just use
.Ru instead?

Like this whole thing seems pointless in the grand scheme of things.
I find that connection a lot more unstable and harder to use. I don't if that's because of tor or if it's just currently being DDoSed.

I'm also annoyed with how scummy cloudfare acted. A little bit before blocking Kiwi Farms they released a statment where they compared themselves to firefighters and said to stop offering their services would be immoral. But now when it's the weekend and business letters will move slower, being more costly to Null (which I don't think is an accident) NOW the fire fighters will just kick you out (hence my bad edit).

just change to .ru, I'm reading the thread about this Kaffals tranny (never heard of it) and holy shit it's horrible.

Null did A person stream on him which you can find on Odysee. It might not be quick but it goes pretty indepth on why he and his friend group deserve to go to jail.

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The whole op to take down KF glows so goddamn bright you can see it from orbit. The (burner) account that posted the threat got taken down and permabanned 23 minutes after the incident...BUT shitbag Taylor Lorenz posted an article on said "threat" something like 5 minutes after the takedown and then CloudFlare shut off DDoS protection to KF and blocked the site not even 30 minutes later. This was all a coordinated attack by people using Keffals and her army of drooling mongoloids to try and destroy the last vestiges of the Web 1.0 culture....

It's incredibly depressing to see what's happening to KF rn.
Their .ru domain even got pulled, which is absolutely insane.
DDoS-Guard dropped them last I checked. The fucking guys who'll host hamas, have dropped KFs.

This isn't the end of it (I hope), and I'm sure people will move on as they do with the 24 Hour news cycle, and hopefully KiwiFarms will regain some of their security and infrastructure. Josh has made it through before and I'm sure he'll come through again.

You can find Josh's statement here (TOR link).

Lets hope this isn't the last we hear from KF.
Even if you don't like what KF does, it's users, or what they talk about, if you don't see what a horrifying signal this is for the future of the internet you're a fucking retard.
Anyone celebrating what happened to them needs to be scalped.

edit: forgot about this thread, just go there.

Thanks to some drama involving keffals and his very illegal plans to distribute hormone drugs to children being archived by kiwi farms the fag started constant attacks on the site, successfully pressured cloudflare to drop kiwi after a obvious bullshit threat against a congresswoman and using a dormant kiwi account to post a bomb threat on kiwi towards keffals.

Then kiwi simply moved to the ru domain and ddos guard, everything seemed fine until today when ddos guard cucked out too. Now the only way to access KW is tor which the faggot squad is also attacking/pressuring to screw over, APNIC and their regional internet registry

I am no fan of kiwi farms, they say the same "ur a pedo" twitter bullshit about loli but I'm also a free speech absolutist so I simply ignored their crap. If kiwi dies then any niche site that allows opposing speech against the alphabet mafia and anything the elites and protected class deem wrong are next. 4chan will be next.
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You can have the opinion that the farms is cringe retarded evil or a-loggy but that does not negate the fact that Kiwifarms needs to exist
Powerful people can completely fabricate a narrative and simply discard/censor information that they find inconvenient kiwifarms collects information that would otherwise be lost
Due to their record keeping, lucas cannot deny sending diy hormones to children and instead it and its lackeys needs to go "sending diy hormones to minors is good actually"

If you care about free speech or society as a whole i recommend you dig your trench plant your flag near theirs and get ready to die on this hill as you very likely wont find another if you take 1 step back
You already missed the alex jones one
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