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Here's some minor? drama. A Sonic fan game called Sonic Omens had it's full release some weeks ago. Someone made a google doc about how shady the Omens devs are but only around 5% of that is relevant to what I care about.

One of the reasons some of these creatures are bitching is because in the game Shadow has a boss fight against Maria, that triggers the twitteretard (he's not even hitting her, he's attacking robots sent out by a Maria hologram) but the main issue is one of the women working on the game gave Maria panties that say "bad girl"


Despite not being visible normally some of the creatures say "there is literally no defense for this" - LS Mark/Splash Dash from his youtube video The Sonic Omens Controversy at 09:45 (sad, I like his vids... usually). Also I've seen a increased use of the word "nonce" towards anyone into loli so eh, they're bitches same as the rest.

A few more retard takes (archive refused to copy the twitter page so this comes from nitter)


Later on of the dev(s) decided to respond to the criticism by changing the text on Maria's panties to say "haters gonna hate" which you can see for yourself here


Now to find some r34 with Maria wearing these panties.

Lol retard sonic fans are gonna be retarded. Good the creators did not back down

Out of curiosity what are the other reasons they are attacking the devs?

Lol retard sonic fans are gonna be retarded. Good the creators did not back down

Out of curiosity what are the other reasons they are attacking the devs?
The devs being assholes I've heard attacking any criticism they see, the main reason for the attacks is that they ran a patreon connected to the game (I've heard Sega doesn't allow this with fangames) so fans were afraid Sega would start becoming hostile to Sonic fan games completely. Even after shutting down the first patreon they set up secret alternatives with a QR code to one of them in the game.

Replacing their Shadow VA will a ill-fitting russian VA because they didn't want wait two days to replace the original's mic and the game as I've heard kind of sucks. The footage I've seen you can boost jump over most of the terrain, the bosses take long to defeat, Tails' tornado stages are hard to play because of the controls making his bosses hard and levels and the engine they used (which came from two different developers not involved with Omens) doesn't work well for the type of platforming they set up.

Later on of the dev(s) decided to respond to the criticism by changing the text on Maria's panties to say "haters gonna hate" which you can see for yourself here
Absolutely based.
Honestly the best decision you can make as a content creator/influential person is to either
A. Ignore the controversy (the 24 hour news cycle will make sure they forget)
B. Double down

The absolute worst thing you can do is go back on your word or try and apologize since it'll just make people demand more concessions.
Literally. Hitler. Tactics. (Rheinland, Anschluss, Sudeten)

The devs being assholes I've heard attacking any criticism they see, the main reason for the attacks is that they ran a patreon connected to the game (I've heard Sega doesn't allow this with fangames) so fans were afraid Sega would start becoming hostile to Sonic fan games completely. Even after shutting down the first patreon they set up secret alternatives with a QR code to one of them in the game.

Replacing their Shadow VA will a ill-fitting russian VA because they didn't want wait two days to replace the original's mic and the game as I've heard kind of sucks. The footage I've seen you can boost jump over most of the terrain, the bosses take long to defeat, Tails' tornado stages are hard to play because of the controls making his bosses hard and levels and the engine they used (which came from two different developers not involved with Omens) doesn't work well for the type of platforming they set up.
I see.:zt-think:

Well Im still glad the artist(modeller?) Stuck to their guns.

so here is a pro tip for everyone

next time you are thinking of doing something like this DONT FUCKEN PUBLICLY ANNOUNCE IT ON TWITTER LIKE A FUCKEN RETARD

memoo took down the tweet after we talked about it. gonna keep my posts up to be a learning experience for everyone

TLDR dont post about your planed ops on twitter

like I dont know what the fuck Memoo is fucken thinking. by doing this even if people were planning to do this now it's going to be rendered ineffective as they can dismiss it as mad chuds making shit up and in the end, nothing happens

shit like this is why we keep fucken losing as people care more about their fucken Twitter dopamine hit than doing shit that's legit fucken smart and would be effective. posting about such things publicly on Twitter like this is the same as dumb fucks posting videos of themselves stealing shit on Facebook

fucken unbelievable
Sorry for bringing up old news but could anyone fill me in on what this is about? I didn't see any context in this thread.

Sorry for bringing up old news but could anyone fill me in on what this is about? I didn't see any context in this thread.

dont worry about it it's old drama and me and memoo sorted it out, TLDR he announced doing an act he should have done in private to have the element of surprise if it had worked, you dont have to know what it was as like i said its old and the drama has been sorted

dont worry about it it's old drama and me and memoo sorted it out, TLDR he announced doing an act he should have done in private to have the element of surprise if it had worked, you dont have to know what it was as like i said its old and the drama has been sorted
Fair enough. Ty

Has anyone else noticed that loli has trended on twitter multiple times for weeks now. The main reason being the prudes are bitching about Rebecca from cyberpunk edgerunners and those who call her a loli, a lot of whores adding loli tags to sell their onlyfans crap and some dipshits trying to trade cp.

Has anyone else noticed that loli has trended on twitter multiple times for weeks now. The main reason being the prudes are bitching about Rebecca from cyberpunk edgerunners and those who call her a loli, a lot of whores adding loli tags to sell their onlyfans crap and some dipshits trying to trade cp.
Yeah its been going on for a while. Honestly the only thing that bothers me is the pedos and bots using the tag for cp. For one is fucking cp the fact that twitter does not react better to this shit is disheartening to say the list. And second antis and idiots can use that as an argument to convince others that lolicon is pedo:bep-what:

Exoskull Zero RX-78-2
Speaking of Loli drama, the artist SaltyXodium posted a lewd drawing of Kanna and miss Kobayashi.

Twitter puritans reacted as usual and began harassing the artist calling him a pedo, despite this he just laughed at them
said he'll continue lewding loli's. Ngl, some of the responses he wrote gave me a chuckle.

Oh yeah, I want to share this script I had laying around my computer for about a year now.

I feel like I ought to make it, but I'm too lazy to search through the forum to find the screenshots for each specific case I've mentioned to edit into the video.

So this is my script, which I'll just drop here in case anyone wants to review how it's written, if anything's missing, if anyone wants to do the editing for my lazy ass, and so on.

This video will cover various topics which may be considered offensive, sensitive, and reminding of trauma.
Viewer Discretion is the ability you have to decide, at your own discretion and free-will, to choose to watch this video, in consideration of the mentioned warnings.
I'll assume you have the ability to do that, unlike a majority of the population these days, and I will advise you to use it.

I also discourage the harassment of individuals in this video. Simply put, that only makes things worse.
Consider these people to be in a cult, and attacking them would simply radicalize them more.

You were probably linked to this video because you played devil's advocate or voiced the wrong opinion in a twitter argument about drawings.
Or you wanted to hear the other side, whether that be to understand or for another reason.

If you want the short version of everything, then basically:
1) There is no discussion to be had here.
If you want to properly discuss and argue about things, Twitter and a flamewar aren't places for them.
Nor is a discussion possible if the opposition is openly dehumanizing you.
2) There is no correlation between lolicon imagery and cases of real child exploitation.
If you want proof, look in the description and it will be covered in-depth later in this video.
3) There is no reason why the morality of this type of media should be discussed to the intensity of harassment, doxxing, and murder.
Other than censorship enthusiasts and philosophers, this entire debate is irrelevant to anything in reality, nor should it be treated as the basis of human worth.

If you want to learn more about this issue, that's what the rest of this video is for.
(1.1) Dehumanization, Harassment, Crimes
From the many experiences of others and my own, those who treat people who like lolicon imagery and/or defend it in anyway, tend to be accusing those people of the crimes
they themselves have committed.
What I mean is that more often than not, they have been caught attempting to groom kids. Those who haven't been caught yet have also been known to be hypocrites and
caught looking at the media they claim to despise, and also been known to openly dehumanize anyone who consumes said content and anyone who finds no issue or defend them.
They also have no problem showing lolicon media to minors, despite whining about how lolicon media normalizes kids to trust potential groomers and the like, in order to
try and own and ratio the lolicons.
I've seen a lot of artists leave behind their passions, people killing themselves, and it's honestly heartbreaking that people just doing their own thing, not hurting
anyone, are pushed to that point, over what is in the end a drawing. A bundle of pixels. Something which doesn't exist.
They have no problems with telling people to kill themselves, that they deserve all the suffering that they're inflicting on them.
But those people have no problem with that.

(1.2) The "Justice" which they fight for
After hearing and seeing all of that, what do you think their justice is? What kind of justice allows for posting real child rape, child corpses, putting kids into a
position where they can be easily groomed, to ruin the lives of people, to push people into suicide, and many more crimes?
Some people even say all this harassment is worth it because they "might" save a kid who's being abused somehow. Hurt a hundred people to save some kid who they don't
even know if they existed in the first place. They don't care if others are hurt if it means getting what they want.
Some of them have no problem saying that any CSA victims who don't want their trauma to be compared to drawings don't matter.
What kind of justice and morals can justify hurting people who have done no harm to anyone? What justifies calling someone a criminal when they have committed no crimes?
There is no discussion to be had with them. Their intent is to hurt; not to resolve trauma, not to help others, not to better the world, not to better themselves.
(2.1) Emotional Appeal and Faulty Logic
Now, let's assume that they actually do have good intentions. I'm humoring their arguments to prove that they didn't accidentally end up being morally upright by accident.
A lot of these idiots always say dumb shit, how certain pieces of media glorifies rape, romanticizes slavery, enables pedophilia, or some dumb shit like that.
If we ignore the facts and focus purely on emotion, that shows just how little faith they have in people to be able to critically think themselves and do what's right.
In fact, because they ignore the facts so much, it's so fucking obvious just how much they've dehumanized people who enjoy dumb fetish shit.
They don't see people who like lolicon as human beings capable of acting morally, but as latent subhuman criminals that need to be locked up at best, and tortured until
death at worst.
They like to use words like "literal child porn" and "an actual child" in order to try and elevate the issue to seem as if it's equivalent to real child exploitation by
comparison, which if you point it out, they'll play dumb and say it's not the same thing, yet compare it continuously and trying to determine the morality of a fictional
entity and fictional actions in a fictional world.
Often times, they'll cite the law, saying that lolicon material is illegal, but not only does the law not determine morality, but in countries like America, lolicon isn't
illegal, and any laws against it are unconstitutional.
Of course, once that's pointed out, then then say that "the law doesn't determine morality," ironically enough.
They often say that it's common sense that something is immoral, but anyone who's seen enough of the world or took an ethics class know that isn't as strong as they think
it sounds. Common sense in the past had justified slavery and genocide, for reference.
Those people might retort that they believe it to be bad, which imply they believe themselves to be the arbiter of morality, and one of the biggest sins happens to be
fictional sex. There is no point which is practical to anything in discussing the morality of a drawing.
Some people may even cite "God" or some other opinion on Twitter in a 100-tweet-long thread that they treat similarly, which also indicates how these people have their
morality stem from: the opinions and words of others, or in other words, they aren't capable of deciding what's moral and not themselves, but have to rely purely on others.
Some people drop various theoretically impossible situations, such as "what if a fictional character were real" and "what would the fictional character think" which the
reason why it's obviously dumb is that it's impossible and not even worth considering.
Some people say how it's bad because kids can stumble across porn, except not only are there filters for such things on Twitter and areas which they are not permitted
access to, but it's not for kids to begin with, and strangers are not morally obligated to take care of kids in such a space.

(2.2) The Facts and Stats
Now, all of this happens to be without evidence, involving things that are theoretically improbable, impossible, and unreasonable.
If we are to actually reach the point where real world proof, evidence, studies, and facts are considered, then simply put, everything says that drawings and other media
of the kind do not promote real world crimes in the slightest, and it suggests rather that crimes decrease with its availabilty.
I've gone through a few of those articles and studies myself, but I'm not obsessed nor bored enough to go through every single one I've found.
I don't think reading entire articles in a video is efficient, so in the description is your reading assignment to learn that lolicon media has no correlation, negative
if any, with regards to real sexual abuse crimes towards children and others in general. Extra credit if you research more articles and cite credible sources.
However, there have been arguments against this evidence, which I will counter here.

Some arguments I've heard is that such evidence is outdated and very few in number and thus unreliable, which is valid, but also used to completely dismiss and invalidate
the available data and evidence.
While it's true that the lack of data is an issue, the available data has shown that there is no harm, and one of the articles I've linked involved the data of sex crimes
during the lolicon boom in Japan, a situation where the hypothesis that "lolicon media is correlated with sex crimes" could be easily analyzed and be supported or rejected.
Furthermore, such studies can't be done easily because of the stigma involved. It's difficult to get anyone to admit that they would like such content, given societal
opinion and pressure, and those who carry out the study and don't get the results people want to see may be labeled negatively themselves.
Finally, there hasn't been a decent study which concretely proves that lolicon media is correlated, let alone causes sex crimes, and "innocent until guilty" holds, thus
preventing anyone from assuming that it does just from gut feeling or common sense, as it is not only unethical, but stupid to assume it causes harm out of fear.
Fearmongering has not helped anyone throughout history, more rather enabled great horrors to occur.
Lolicon media doesn't normalize or encourage sexual assault, and anyone who says that is full of shit and likely couldn't cite anything beyond "just trust me bro" or some
long Twitter thread equally as worthless.

Some have said that such studies haven't taken place in a country or area of significance, such as America or Europe, and it doesn't matter how many studies are done in
foreign countries due to cultural significance and other factors unknown and known.
Personally, I haven't found any studies that have taken place in any of these two countries, but I can still argue as if it exists by assuming 3 cases where if a study
did occur and its results.
Assume that there exists a study that takes place in America, done well and reliably. There are 3 possible results: positive correlation, no correlation, and negative
correlation. If it is such that the study is either zero or negative correlation, then it remains true that lolicon media doesn't cause sex crimes.
But if it is such that the study is a positive correlation, then here's the thing: there have been numerous studies done in various countries, of which prove that lolicon
media isn't correlated to sex crimes. If somehow this one country is the exception, then I think that says more about them than it does the media, the people who make the
media, and the people who consume the media, as a whole, because what the fuck kinda country can't help but copy the porn they watch?

Finally, none of these people know how this works.
First off, child abuse often come from family, friends, teachers, generally people close to them whom they trust, not random strangers on the internet, and even less so
some random dude who jerks off to lines on paper.
They think kids look at lolicon media and they think to themselves, "oh hey let's copy this with the guy in the white van."
Thing is, kids are not as helpless and dumb as people think they are. They are quite capable of thinking for themselves, and the only reason why they're incredibly dumb
is because they have zero experience on this planet to help them out. And their brains aren't completely developed.
Groomers groom their victims through gaining the child's trust, isolate them from anyone that can help, and maintain control over them. Anything can be used to groom a
kid, so long as it gains their trust, which includes the cliche candy and ice cream, but it can also involve exploiting insecurities, their status, bribery, flattery, and
intimidation to gain and maintain control over their victims.
However, that doesn't mean you ban candy or ice cream because they could be used for grooming. That's just dumb. Those kinds of people will use anything in order to get
what they want. Some might say lolicon media makes it easier to groom than other tools, but again, they have no proof and just chucked it out there to keep up the bullshit.
I hope that rings a bell, because groomers have actually used this entire lolicon drama to groom kids. They point kids at lolicons, say how horrible they are, introducing
them to the concept of sex and other adult concepts, then say that they're fighting the lolicons to protect kids like them, gaining trust, and I'm sure you can see where
that's going at this point.
Turns out the war on pedophilia that Twitter is running is run by real-deal pedophiles trying to groom as many kids as possible. Ironic, isn't it?

(2.3) The "Justice" which they enforce
Now, here's the deal; they speak no truth, and they aren't here to do good of any kind. They aren't good people, in any way, shape or form. You wanna know why?
Because if they really wanted to help children, there are infinitely many ways to actually help them, of which of all the possibilities, they choose to harass people off
Twitter at best, and pushed to suicide at worst.
Here's a short list of various volunteer work anyone can do if they not only wanted to help kids, but help various others as well, plus places to donate to help people
who actually need it.

> National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a private non-profit organization with various resources to battle child abuse on a national scale.
> Feed my Starving Children, an organization which uses donations to fund meal ingredients and volunteers to pack meals to send to those in need.
> The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a non-profit organization that battles and prevents cruelty to animals around the United States.
> Volunteers of America, a non-profit organization which has helped one and a half million people through various programs.

Some may say that "others have that covered," but that's entirely false and bullshit. Not only do many places that require help completely have a lack of manpower or
focus, but in truth, those people are only saying that so they don't actually do any real help that has tangible effects on this world.
Some may say that "I don't have the resources to help!" which is a valid reason where someone can't reasonably help, except for the fact that apparently they have enough
time to whine about drawings over the internet enough to target harass random artists and people who create and like said drawings, and you can straight-up do some volunteer
work from home, no cost beyond time; the ONLY resource which they can claim to lack while they tweet non-stop online.
Not to imply I'm spending my free time helping everyone in need, but that's completely different from harassing artists and people online with your group chat in Twitter
or on Discord and making the world worse and more miserable.
And whether I'm a hypocrite or not for saying anything I have doesn't change the reality that what these people are doing is revolting.
There is no fact or truth about the universe which supports their claims or prevents them from doing any sort of good in this world, or encourages doing anything evil.
They're just horrible human beings.
(3.1) How Language and Words Have Changed
Pedophile doesn't mean a child rapist nor a person who's sexually attracted to kids. It used to. Now it's a completely different term.
Yes, words change meaning over time.
"Literally" originally meant "in the strict sense; what is without exaggeration or inaccuracy," but changed to be an exaggerative modifier to be used figuratively.
"Savage" originally meant "fierce; vicious; reckless; ungovernable" to term completely intolerable kinds of people, but changed into common slang for various things,
including being used as a complement for nasty-ass roasts.
A lot of slurs and insults originated from technical terms in the medical and psychological field, which I'm sure you know what they are.

"Minor Attracted Person," or MAPs in short, has become the term which means a person who's sexually attracted to kids. But what about the word "pedophile?"
Pedophile has become a synonym for "freak" and "creep." It doesn't have anything to do with kids anymore, not in modern usage.
People have begun to call others pedophiles over anything. Presently, some of the most abstract uses detached from "sexual attraction to children" involve calling a
1-year age gap relationship pedophilia, liking anyone under 5'7 is pedophilia because they're minor-coded, and using ahegaos are racist and pedophilic.

Another thing to note is that pedophilia as a psychological and legal technical term DO NOT cover drawings, reference, or include them in their definitions. That is an
entirely different classification, but people like to pretend they know anything about the world and humans and use fancy words to sound important and right.
Yet, despite the fact that "pedophile" as a word has lost its meaning, it still retains a heavy weight to it, due to its ramifications in law and societal opinion.
Although pedophiles no longer refer to solely people attracted to children because people have butchered its meaning, its use and accusation upon others retains the
assumption, distain, treatment of any person labeled as such as someone who has raped a kid.
Which is a huge problem because of how the word itself no longer means such a thing, but also is used commonly as "a freak, but freakier" toward any person, and thus
since as of this video, such this change is rather new, what probably seems as mild as calling someone a freak has the ability to ruin someone's life forever.
Whether this change should be seen as a good thing in hindsight or not is irrelevant, because it's causing real world harm, and of the various methods that can be taken
to solve this issue, none of them are done in favor of continuous slander and harassment against people.

Finally, people like to say that lolicon is the word "pedophile" in Japanese because Google Translate, the well-known translation tool that definitely doesn't butcher
translations in the slightest and is totally the most reliable tool to use, says that it is. That, and it's a loan word from the book "Lolita Complex."
Thing is, the actual word for pedophile in Japanese is "小児性愛者" (Shōniseiai-sha), and lolicon in the actual language refers to people who like lolis.
They'll gladly pretend that they have learned and are able to understand Japanese and spread misinformation in order to try and push their dumb narrative along.

(3.2) Discrimination Strategies and Tactics
Dehumanization is the belief that certain people aren't entirely or entirely aren't human, and that they deserve suffering.
It takes various forms from various things, and of all things I expected it to come from, it wasn't fucking lines on paper. But I digress.
Honestly, throughout my entire experience dealing with people who bitch about lolicon, I've learned a lot about how discrimination in general works.
First off, people will attempt to spread negative information about a group, by implicitly stating that a group of people will naturally be inclined to do something bad,
be it due to genetics, psychology, sociological influence, and various others, often without proof.
By doing this, they effectively establish that it's normal and uncommon for those people to be able to decide for themselves what's right or wrong, sneakily removing the
notion that those people are autonomous, a very important thing regarding human worth, and a rather effective way at dehumanizing a group.
Next, continue to push narratives that depict that group as evil in various ways. It's actually incredibly easy if they're looked at as non-human and inclined to do bad
things, as accusations of crimes, like robbery, arson, murder, and rape seem like it'd be natural for that group of people to do those things.
If things work out, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, where people treat that group of people negatively, resulting in negative outputs, giving more savory things
to point to in order to perpetuate the narrative that was strung.
However, even if things don't work out, fabricating false news is simple, and it's surprisingly easy to exploit people's tendency to not fact-check, exploiting their
slothfulness and previous narratives pushed in order to create what is virtually true news in the eyes of the public.
Whatever the case, once the cycle is established, it's seemingly impossible to leave the cycle.
The goal of this game is to strip a group's humanity to gain power and control over them, which may manifest in the form of slavery and/or extermination.
And I'm genuinely surprised just how easy it is for people to play this game, and for everyone to follow along.

(3.3) Loss of Humanity
Assuming that a group of people will commit some evil or crime kinda strips away the humanity of them, because it assumes they aren't capable of choosing to be good.
Some may call me a hypocrite because I practically have done the same, but personally I don't see myself as one, as that is to say shooting an active shooter makes you
just as bad as the shooter; These people were always the first to fire, mass reporting artists and people who like lolicon media, based on their flawed reasons and morals,
and simply put, I can't say I'm stripping away the humanity from them if they themselves repeatedly prove that they're unable to be good people, and even if it were still
considered immoral, I think it remains unwise and impractical to deal with them in such a way that doesn't take into account everything I've said before.
Dehumanization is the easiest way to justify horrendous acts. I honestly have a hard time seeing people as anything less than human, because it doesn't matter who a
person was, the corpse of a saint is the exact same as the corpse of a sinner.
These people don't mind stripping people of their human rights, advocating that such people should be placed on watchlists and monitored 24/7, locked up somewhere far
away from society, or just straight-up execution.
I have to ask: How hard is it to see someone else as human?
It's hard for people to see someone with a different skin color as human, hard to see someone with disabilities as human, hard to see people with mental illness as human,
hard to see other cultures as human, but for some reason, people treat and act as if drawings and video game characters and anime characters as real, tangible human beings
with dreams and aspirations capable of thinking for themselves, and fight for them at the cost of real lives.
I say, implying that it's really just a twisted sense of reality that makes them do this and it's something that can't be helped, rather than them just being bad people.
They had no problems outting a person in a country that will straight-up stone them to death, but pretend that they didn't know or intend to, and simply wanted the people
they harass to stop doing what they're doing, and it just so happens that they ruined their lives unintentionally and coincidentally.
They have no problems being racist towards foreign artists and mocking foreign languages.
But they have problems when a drawing offends them. Enough to devalue life.
Maybe it's just me, but I personally find it abhorrent to judge the value and worth of people from fictional things and to cause senseless suffering.
Call me odd for believing that if you'd like.
Dehumanization is the belief that a person or a group of people aren't entirely, or entirely aren't human, and that they deserve to suffer.
I have no doubts they'd say, from the bottom of their hearts, that dehumanization can only happen to humans. That's the kind of people they are.
If you encounter such people, it is best to avoid them entirely if you do not wish to engage in any fights.
Though, eventually you may have a direct encounter with such people, whether that be to defend an artist you know or look up to, to defend a friend, or to defend what you
believe to be right and just, in which case, I have a few tips when it comes to encountering such people.
But if you aren't able to handle a lot of people attacking you, calling you names and throwing allegations and accusations non-stop, I'd suggest to just block them and
not interact with them. But if they're attacking you, block them and pray they'll go away, or even private yourself to prevent harassment until the storm blows over.
If you want to deal with them, simply put, call them out on their bullshit:
1) They aren't here to help anyone or do any good, but only to force their views on others and cause trouble.
Do not let them spin the narrative that they're good people. They do not care about real children getting abused in the slightest.
If they did, it wouldn't be spent on Twitter, but volunteering and helping. No excuse they can give works, nor permits their dumb behavior on Twitter.
It also should be obvious when they overtly say dumb things like "common sense" and attempt to use personal attacks and the like.
2) They have absolutely no evidence to back up any of their claims.
If they somehow manage to cite an actual study, it'll likely say in the summary that they're wrong. I know by experience at this point.
You can tell it's actual evidence if it comes from an .org or .edu site. If it's wikipedia or some .com website, it's unreliable as fuck.
If they aren't able to explain how the study proves their point, including avoiding the question by repeatedly saying "read it," they're stupid and have
no idea what the article actually says, and likely just pasted whatever article they found with a simple google search to pretend they know.
If they point out a specific portion of the study, search for the passage in their source, read the passages around it, and you'll find out that they have
have omitted pieces of information that goes against their point, and it's likely the only passage of the like in it.
3) Don't say anything that'll get you suspended or banned.
It's tempting to insult them, and honestly, would feel great, but thing is, not only does that often accomplish nothing, but Twitter isn't smart.
Learn to use one-liners often and just to stop talking. Point out hypocrisy and inconsistencies with one-liners, and really, they're just here for attention,
so honestly, letting them rot by themselves while they make comments trying to prod a response out of you is the best retaliation.
To ignore them is to say that they're worthless; they can't do anything to change anyone, and even less so the world.
Though, if you're able to have a civil discussion without interruption, and they have the intent to learn more, feel free to actually have a debate on this issue, but
otherwise, those tips should help deal with a majority of cases.
Generally, these people tend to come in packs, and if there's one, there's likely a few more lurking in the shadows.
They're likely being led by an influencer of some kind, such as a gimmick account or a TBA VTuber.
In the event you're being harassed en masse, you can ignore most attackers, as only a few followers will be extremely active, and your attention can be focused on them,
because anything beyond those few are generally gonna go away, as they're just bandwagoning and have nothing of worth to contribute beyond a like or retweet.

Finally, although this has been a long video with a lot of information, it's not that complicated, and only the people who argue against it make it this complicated.
In the end, lolicon media is fictional. No one in the history of anything has proven fictional things cause violent crime. It always has just been a drawing.
Now, I assume it should be obvious, but all of this really only applies to people who actively harass others.
Some might use a strawman and say this video was intended for anyone who hates lolicon, mostly to discredit me, but I feel like they're projecting, considering most of
these people like to think in black and white, no middle ground, only allies or enemies.
Not liking lolicon media is fine. The simple thought of "I don't like it, but I don't care who likes it" is all you need for literally anything.
Just be tolerant and go about your own life, ignoring things that don't take an active part in your life.
However, more often than not, people who say anything like "so no one can hate lolicon?" aren't saying it for the sake of freedom of opinion, but to attempt to justify
their bullying of artists and individuals.
Practically every single website has filters you can use, such as blocks and disabling sensitive media if you don't want to see that stuff.
Anyone who bitches about how they always see such content and all the like really don't deserve respect for that reason.

Next, people who say that this kind of treatment should be expected because the things people like me like is weird, and we should just block and mute them, aren't clever.
Obviously, bad people exist, they're bad, and we should expect that they'll be bad. It'd be foolish to assume everyone has good intentions.
Thing is, no one is obligated to take shit from anyone just because bad people exist.
I know people don't like to be called freaks or weird, and while I personally don't care, it's really the implication that somehow people are not entirely civilized that
ticks a lot of people off.

Some people might say something like "Are you saying there aren't any pedophiles in your community?" which is a leading question to attempt to win something.
It would be hubris to assume that there aren't any pedophiles at all who like loli content, since they're basically everywhere.
They will then follow up by saying "If you know they exist in your community, why don't you regulate your community to get rid of them?" which is a loaded question.
What makes this loaded is the implication that I, or others, are complacent in the exploitation of children via inaction.
I'd like to note that these people like to use "community" at lot, as if everyone who likes loli content also know about every other person who happens to like that or
joined any group or community in the first place, and that such people are automatically accepted members of this community simply because they like the same things.
I can guarantee that they have no idea how to regulate a community, and that whatever community they feel apart of is what's actually full of predators.
Of course, they might reply with "But we get rid of them as soon as we find them, unlike you people!" which is a bullshit claim, not only because it implies we allow
grooming to occur, but thing is, scapegoating another group of people for being full of predators when their community is known to be full of them, ie. Smash Community,
doesn't get rid of predators within their community. They just moved the target so they don't get as much flak as they already do.

There's also the fact that people also make and use loli content as a tool to deal with past trauma and often times projecting themselves onto lolis.
Though, some people would like to pretend like they're experts and say that's an unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Finally, it's always been a common tactic for people to scapecoat children, using child protection to advocate restrictions and censorship.
Practically no such claim made about anything has ever been proven as a concrete fact, but people will assume guilty until proven innocent from fear, and that's enough
to get people to do things against whatever is claimed against it.
Do not get in the bandwagon simply because you're scared or disgusted. Think for yourself, learn, and come to a conclusion.

I do not ask for you to like lolicon media, nor do I imply you have an obligation to defend or fight.
I ask you to see other people as human, and to not hurt anyone without reason.
Even if it'd be hard at times, even if you can't forgive a few people, I ask that you at least try and see that not everyone, in any group, is evil.
Please have humanity.