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Phase Connect rrats

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Chat being full of dumbasses? Man, I'm shocked. Pips say dumb shit from time to time, of course, but chat really takes the cake in pure unfiltered stupidity.
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These people don't get that a reference without context might as well not be one.
well that's why the internet is full of autists

the amount of people going in my comments or other places i've been make dumb references i don't get, and then ponder why i haven't watched generic show 500

references work mainly because the person is also a fan of that thing, or is at least on some level aware of it, or can intuit the joke in spite of ignorance
and because of that, streamers are probably the worst people to make a "reference joke" with because of the delayed chat, and how people presume awareness of the joke's reference from a random person, even if practical celebrity, and also being focused on the game (or routine or chat, depending on the focus) too much to figure out chat's "joke"

it's less of an unfunny joke than it is people should take a moment and think, "would they get it or nah"

now, where could my pipe wrench be

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I'm surprised VS approved it, but then again, the JP members don't seem to fall under the US management. It would be interesting to know what the western members think of this collab. We already know Mouse, Veibae, and Melody pretend PC doesn't exist, but the newer members probably don't care or would like to collab as well.


I spent some money for Erina's membership today.

Screenshot 2023-10-25 162356.png

She was indeed licking and kissing the mic however she periodically does it like one time and then gets shy and embarrassed over it, but her licking and kissing sounded superb. She definitely does have a hidden talent and hopefully she does get over her embarrassment to try again like I say periodically do kissing and licking for at least 30 seconds periodically and then talking to chat on stream if she wants.


Perhaps a bit late, but it was mostly her looking up how to get a good score. Was quite a meh stream.

In other news I'm about 50% through this one:
I already knew this industry is ass, but apparently her "friend" had double eyelid surgery. And surgeries are mandatory. Kinda fucked up to do that to a trainee who isn't even yet certain to be part of a line up.
Also the entire debt thing is quite horrendous.

No wonder K-POP fans are so trigger happy. The entire industry as a closet filled to the brim with skeletons.

All in all it's just interesting how V-Tubers can come from an Idol background, or without any background at all.

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The K-pop industry is closer to legal human trafficking than anything else. Nearly every "idol" company in Korea has the chicks being used for prostitution, political favors, God knows what else. I'm not even going to get into the ritual blood sacrifice that the religious cults running the country regularly preform. Remember, this is a country against "porn" and that should tell you how things are actually going there.

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I guess it doesn't matter if north or south. Koreans are just crazy in general.
It's something with mainland Asians, I don't know why. Japan has some issues with cult nonsense, but it's normally small groups with only the occasional bullshit, such as the gas attack from decades ago.


Well time for a self-evaluation of growth for some phase connect members.


Although this growth might be questionable because she had a collab with Filian like 2 days ago, Filian does react andy than stops doing it and her CCV went to 3k something which made it look like her fans dipped to go watch Pippa yesterday who was doing react andy next. Still this kind of CCV is still cutting it close to hitting Filians and Ironmouses numbers. Than after raiding Uruka she went off to do drunk karaoke with 2.3k viewers on twitch.

Before the raid she had like 600 viewers which is amazing since I have seen her past CCV at 300-400CCV

Today she has 837 CCV(still climbing) her last streams I saw were like 300-400 CCV

Did nontstop chatting where it seemed she got like 550-600CCV which is a new record because I have seen her before get like 200-300 CCV. However she has a secret hidden power that she isnt using due to barely streaming. Her mannerisms, voice and personality is like super seductive that other GFE vtubers would avoid her like the plague in doing collabs because she is like a blackhole that will swallow those viewers into her fanbase. She could technically be the 2nd or even the biggest phase connect member if she decided to pull a Halo_sweety ASMR once a month.

-Lumi hits 1k CCV, saw a new record for Lia hitting 1-1.1k CCV when she streamed with her mom, tenma and Shiina i saw hit 1.2k CCV.

Keep in mind phase connect is in a streaming platform that is mostly dominated by Hololive and Nijisanji and these streamers do not have other twitch or youtube big shots that shill them like some other Vtubers based on how they are growing as of now.

Also new members.



Phase Connect has announced their next gen. All in all great and a thing to look forward to.
This comes however with a controversy. Honestly it's only a fart in the wind.

One of the new members has the handle @Muu_Muyu. But what is wrong with that?
There is a world famous, known by everyone, VTuber called "Muu Inanaku". The case is closed! Fishman stole her name to grift off of her success!

Of course not... let's also ignore that her name is "Muu INAnaku". Case closed!

So let's have a look at Muu.
She is a cow vtuber working as staff for "Kawa Entertainment". She also has a website: glassesbrigade.com.
Funny enough the link to her Twitter on that website is outdated and leads to an account called @1779_moo

She's a VTuber, so let's check her Twitch:
"Last live 2 Years ago"
Also the "rules" are what you'd expect:
This is an LGBTQA+ safe chat, any homophobia or Transphobia will lead to an instant ban

Perhpas she streams on YouTube:
No streams and last video is 1+ Year ago and is only a 15 sec clip.

She's also apparently staff for "Kawa Entertainment" a corpo (loosely) that has mostly no names under their wing and their most popular creator despite having 65.4K Followers barely manages 200 CCV. So yeah that is also not exactly a point where she could be known for.

Also she was malding right after the announcement:
I have had meetings with Phase staff, this is not a situation where I was not known of
I highly doubt they remember her if that is even true.
Fishman has my business card, he is aware of me.
Did she send it to him in a letter? He most likely tossed that shit and forgot about her.
Dude please just let me be frustrated in peace
AKA "I can't cope with the fact that my name on the Internet is not unique just like in IRL"

Also let's just ignore the fact that the letter exists which looks like a cow and slightly sounds like it.
It's really not that hard to come up with the name Muu Muyu in that context.

Of course you have the average ass kissers, but all in all: VTweeters (VXeeters?) backed off without hope of recovery!


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1.1k followers and none of them care about or watch her lmao

she can try and get back relevancy through starting drama, but her flaws remain and will fade into obscurity yet again

not even her fictitious body makes her more valuable than an object of lust, and even that is questionable


Anytime i come to this thread or any of the other vtutbber therads on here, it just keeps reminding me on the reasons why i have 0 faith in humanity because of narcissitic vtubbers and their euqually pathetic simp losers of a fanbase stalking them like its fucking irl perfect blue.