Varis.Hangout Down (But For How Long?)

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I didn't forget, please be patient don't hurt me

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I thought that was supposed to be a pacifier or something.
Then you were offline and I felt really stupid.

Now this. This is home. Least for an old ass boomer like me. Back in my day we didnt have no fancy pants instant messaging or chats rooms...ok we had chat rooms but those where useally full of yiffing ass furry ERPers and dudes pretending to be girls.

The good old forum. The amount of these i was banned off of lmao. Good times good times.

damn you all for uploading so much cunny.
Gonna do what I should've done from the start and bring it back up now,

you'll most likely have to reupload your profile picture, background, all that jazz.
Images will be missing but everything should be back at the end of the week.
Not sure why I didn't think of this from the start.
Terribly sorry for the massive inconvenience, lots of errors on my part while doing this.

was gonna post that hours ago, but a short test and that was all fucked so gonna do the waiting game. ( I swear it'll be back up by at least Wednesday at latest)
On another note I've opened registration on the Rocket.Chat (discord but hosted by us), since I set up a mail server while I've been trying to get pleroma to do its thing.

just another post cause I find it funny

Crisp misses us (and doesn't know how to spell)

he really misses us

I guess he was a cunnychad after all :cat-blush:
thanks s8n for bringing that to my attention, had a good laugh

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So @Halo, since I wasn't here, where are you migrating and why? Can we still beat the shit out of retards on other networks there?

Forum died, don't know why, probably too many people.
It's back now as you can see.
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I didn't mean to do it :noa-shock:

edit: Okay I have legitimately no clue what the hell is going on. this may take a while
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Apparently someguy was tryna ddos us.... I have no clue if it was even effective, but if this goes down, or has longer loading times I guess thats why :cirno-laugh:
It's still down. :(

Who needs to be kneecapped for the DDoS to stop? :mega-ro: