Varis.Hangout Down (But For How Long?)

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I didn't forget, please be patient don't hurt me

I guess I owe a proper explanation, basically moving over stuff specifically the uploads has taken for fucking ever. I've jumped quite a few hoops to get this shit to work and am just gonna neck myself if it doesn't work out in the end.

So yeah basically all this is being held up cause of that. I'm considering just cutting the loses and leaving all the old uploads behind but that may cause some problems. Or not who knows?
I could also just merge all the new files into the old ones when they're ready since uploading them is taking a fucking while :hinata-acid:. The reason why I've waited though is cause I'd rather not run into problems in the future. Conflicting upload folder names and what not (I don't know how pleroma runs :retard:).


oh and if you're wondering why I had to disable it its so no new changes are made to the database and uploads.

if you've got any questions email me or just yknow. Ask here like a normal person. I'll try my best to answer them.
tldr: I didn't forget, please be patient don't hurt me :hibiki-scared:
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Is the file structure in such a way you could dump larger file types? I feel guilty as I've probably uploaded several webms with no practical purpose other than to share randomly. However, it's probably small potatoes next to the metric tons of high res illustrations.

Glad to see an update though, and hope that I don't need to register again.

Ah yeah we have a Rocket.Chat where you can talk to me directly, and where we've been hiding during this mess.
If you want to join just dm me and I'll make you an account (registration is closed cause smtp is messed up and I'm too lazy to set it up :hinata-acid: )

only the most intellectual discussion while we wait on the pleroma to come back

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already taking better decisions than most admins out there
your dedication to keep all the trash (and cunny) we have dumped safe is admirable.
you may not be the most tech savvy owner, but you have the soul needed and i honestly prefer it that way
keep at it dumbass