Whats your favorite console growing up?


Still is my favorite console, i could (and now will since you reminded me :p) replay Ace Combat 5 for ages.
Ace Combat was at the top of their game during the PS2 era, but AC7 was also pretty good, i def enjoyed it. But the nostalgia from playing 5 will always hit different.
(oh and of course funny meme guitar from Zero :p)

PS2 top tier console, anyone who disagrees is wrong.

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I mostly play pc or Xbox now but growing up the ps2 was the shit for me, I remember I got a ps2 for Christmas when I was 6-7 years old.
and I would play the fuck out of ratchet and clank. still got my old memory card.



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I grew up with the ps2 and gamecube. I'd say gc is my favorite of the two though since I have the most memories of the games I played on it. Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Kirby Air Ride, the whole nine yards :flan-yea:

I loved jak & daxter and ratchet & clank though, gta also


I had PS2, Xbox and Gameclub growing up (still have the PS2 & Xbox but the gameclub was given away long ago). I do remember not having a lot of games on the GC while Xbox had the most.
Hard pick between Xbox and PS2 but would choose Xbox, playing Halo 1 & 2, military games that wasn't CoD and all the old Star Wars games.


I was lucky to be able to play many consoles from my brother, so it's kind of hard to pinpoint my favourite ones, it'd actually be easier to point the games.
PS2, PS3 and the DS would be my spotlights probably, I also did play with the PSone quite a bit but the former 3 probably rake up most of the time played.

Some games I could mention would be WRC and Hogs at War on PSone, NFS Underground 2 and Jak X on the PS2, for the PS3 definitely Motorstorm, along with GTA IV and the "classic" COD games and on the DS, Animal Crossing, Sonic Rush and Mario Kart DS.

By the time we got a PS3 I was around 8 years old, so I was pretty much one of the rats of the early days on in-game voice chats lol.

P.S. To this day I still love and want to play Motorstorm badly, unfortunately our PS3 died due to yellow light and I could play Apocalypse years after on PS Now, but I never got to play Pacific Rift and my PC nor the PS3 Emu are ready to emulate it. Fuck Sony for killing Evolution Studios and fuck codemasters for fucking up the devs with the release of Onrush.


For me, it's the regular Nintendo and Sega Genesis. I would always play those games. And the rest was PS1 and PS2. I still play those consoles when I have the time. Since I purchased more of the regular Nintendo and Sega Genesis games, it's like a blast from the past.

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When I was growing up, I had a GBA which was originally owned by my brother, and even as the light was dimming, I still enjoyed the hell out of the games that I had. Too bad that I never got to play on his PS2.