Youtubers to watch

I'll share five random channels from my subscriptions not already mentioned here I think are worth checking out. I provide a recommended starting video (RSV) for each of them that will introduce you to their channel and performing style.

Seems no ones mentioned Ryan Hollinger yet so I'll toss his name in the game.
I'm not a very perceptive person and never catch themes besides the surface tier stuff, so I enjoy his (at times self admittedly pretentious) explanations of movies, specifically horror movies. Also found a lot of good movies to watch through his videos.

I don't watch him often but when I do I can binge Military History Visualized. Good editing, and a nice German accent to go along with it.

Chubbyemu makes medical videos, they're weirdly enjoyable. Enjoy listening to a medical explanation of peoples stupidity.

Huggbees his commentary/dubbing of How It's Actually Made is very entertaining. Have fun trying to separate fact from joke.

JCS Criminal Psychology- does great videos on interrogation techniques. I'd 100% recommend his video on Prince Andrew.
JCS is something I put on to fall asleep too and end up listening for the entire time too interested in the story to feel tired.


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BASED. God bless you for bringin up this absolute chad series.

Anyways here are some channels you lads should check out.

Dankpods - An Australian who reviews various music related devices (Ipods, mp3 players, godawful headphones, etc). He’s actually pretty funny so I’d recommend checking him out.

Druaga1 - Have you ever wondered about how the OST to Lego Racers works? Or perhaps if you can install Windows 2000 on an SSD? This guys does all that and some more. His content is actually rather interesting so I’d recommend checking him out.

How To Drink - Have you ever wondered hwo to make Grog? Those cool ass drinks from VA-11 HALL-A? Perhaps even Sunset Sarsaparilla from Fallout New Vegas? This guys up your alley then. This guys content revolves around making various drinks from tv shows, films, and games and even various drinks from history. Perfect for if you want to try to get wasted on something that actually tastes good.

Tasting History - Hey have you ever wondered how to make that one Roman fish sauce (which from my experience actually tastes good)? Perhaps you want to know the history of certain dishes? This guy is for you. He recreates history through its food, and his content is actually pretty good. I’d say check him out.

Alternate History Hub - What if WWI was ended by the christians? What if Britian never conquered India? These question and more are answered on this guys channel. He’s actually pretty entertaining, his latest video is probably a good starting point His video on Red Alert is also good, probably my favorite video of his.

LEMMiNO - Incredibly well-edited documentary style videos with a smooth, easy-listening Swedish accent. Posts very infrequently.
BASED. I’ve been following this lad since he was doing fucking creepypasta reading. I really enjoy his new content so I’m happy to see how his channel has evolved :D

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Antoons - talks about animation history from various western countries/eras, shitposts in an animated format
Geowizard - fun if you're interested in geography/geoguessr, has traveled across various countries in a straight line, his europe traveling series is amazing
Post 10 - nature/exploration videos, unclogs drains for fun when it rains
Survive the Jive - proto indo european paganism
Tara A Devlin - she translates and narrates japanese horror, indie games, urban legends, internet mysteries, and stories, very straightforward
TheAlmightyLoli - miscellaneous anime/vidya/internet subject matter

cunny poster
No RedLetterMedia? They do movie reviews under the titles RE;View, Half in the bag, best of the worst where they watch b-movies and Mike is more well known for his Mr Plinkett star wars review.

And E;R who's edgy
funny and has been on EFAP mentioned here.

Next, Sassy and opinionated he made shitposty videos abiut imageboard culture.

Some nice documentaries by Beige frequency mostly focused on stand-up comedians.

And Porsalin who does the same thing but better, and in a British accent.

Next AlexEnterprises, he makes documentaries on anime and manga more important bersrek.

Our next channel is self explanatory Beyond Ghibli, anime and manga.

And full documentaries Layton Eversaul of all genre.

Of course Linkara, In a perverse way with his comic reviews.

This Channel cartman brah livestreams and commentary with Trey Parker and Matt Stone creators of South park.

I just stumbled across this guy SevenTePe He makes some pretty funny meme videos based on RTS games.


Here are some of my favorites, along with examples of some of their best work.

The Act Man is a video game reviewer, commentator, and all around internet dude-bro. Where most other game reviewers devolve into either shilling for Nintendo or just being some stupid journalist. Act Man gives reviews that are both in depth and fair. Heck he convinced me to get both Dead space and Bioshock, and made me want to consider getting some Call of Duty games too. (1) (2)

Zanny’s a pretty funny gameplay channel that focuses on Star Wars, Halo, For Honor, and whatever else is new or he wants to try. (1) (2)

Let’s Game it Out is a man on a mission, to break, fail, and all around torment the inhabitants of video games (especially if her name is Grace). (1) (2)

Emplemon is a guy I’ve been watching since his YouTube Poop days, but now he does video essays of how culture and entertainment shape each other and honestly… he’s never been better! It’s kind of amazing to see a creator change so much from what they used to be and not only stay good, but become even better. (1) (2)

Yesterworld is a historian of theme parks and attractions. Ever since I revisited Disney World my fascination with theme parks has flourished and I started looking into videos that talk about their creation and history. Yesterworld became my favorite youtuber in that category (though i do also like TPM vids and Offhand Disney). (1) (2)

Internet Historian is a historian of internet events and the overall autism of humanity, updates to his main channel are rare, but well worth it. Incognito mode is also pretty funny and gets updated a lot more. (1) (2)

The Critical Drinker is my ear to Hollywood and the stupid stuff that come with it. He’s tired and frustrated with the modern day so I sympathize with him. All around he keeps it quick and to the point, and for that he has my recommendation. (1) (2)

TheRussianBader’s videos can be summarized thusly. Play a game, usually with his friends and shift between a funny summary of what the games like and watching him and his friends go act like kids. Add some surprisingly good animations and memes and you’ll find yourself having a good time. (1) (2)

Turkey Tom: Out of all the commentary channels I've seen, Turkey Tom is my favorite. Most commentators fall into the trap of talking about the same topics, with the same details, and having the same opinions over and over again. Turkey Tom avoids this by not only doing videos about topics you wouldn't think of. He also doesn't give into furries and 12 year old's what’s not to love? (1) (2)

nuf said. (1) (2)

And here are a few other youtubers I like.
Vanossgaming, Stith and Adam Show, Actual Justice Warrior, Peter Knetter, LS Mark, Mitten Squad, Memeology 101, E:R, LittelVMills, Literature Devil, Nux Taku, PewDiePie, JUST A ROBOT, Shadiversity, Simian Jimmy, GaMetal, FalKKonE, and Nick Nitro.

Ending with a quick shout out to Nulls kiwi farms streams which are usually a good time. Hope you enjoy.

My all-time favourite is Hatomugi. She does a very aesthetically pleasing ASMR. No face, not a hint of lewdness, just a classy flat chested waifu whispering in Japanese and tapping on whatever’s on her table.

Second best would obviously be PPOMO, but her best videos were at the beginning, and she’s locked them, so I recommend this channel with this remark. She’s quite apt at making enticing visuals, probably the most skilled among people doing ASMR. Among her content lullabies were nice, but they’re now also missing (dunno if that’s because of simp-lock or copyrights). I can upload audio here, if anyone’s interested.

Misa does cute ASMR in a room stuffed with weeb stuff. She’s actually a model and has a Twitter. Her tracks are valuable for the sound, but also for the faces she makes, the ruckus her cat occasionally makes, and her own mistakes, sometimes eroi due to her forgetting what she’s wearing for today’s stream (and how she’s mourning her career of a modest model face down on the table). She’s basically the embodiment of cute and funny of the entire China.

There was a youtuber called Mei on YT and 娜娜Sweet in China, I have only a couple of her late videos on the disk, which are like Misa’s but less funny and more like Ojou-sama’s. Her early videos on the contrary were quite simple and sometimes country-lewd, the later ones were good. Now the youtube channel is captured by some typical Chinese asmr brat, and Mei is nowhere. Probably, the youtube account was made by some unofficial re-uploader for money. I can upload what I have, but the file limit won’t allow me to do it here.

Among those, who’d have some nice content:

Kaya has some interesting videos, I wouldn’t call all her content good. But she’s working hard on it and thus good when it calls for variety. She lately started to paywall her content.

The “Best Unintentional ASMR” channel has a couple of good videos, which were just entertaining and educational, rather than ASMR. However, I still hadn’t seen anything as worthy since then.

A group of artists playing on traditional Chinese instruments.

A Japanese traditional musical instruments ensemble.

Vine House Farm is a small channel with filmed birds in a garden. The channel focuses on specialised feeder types, which attract and protect different kinds of birds (thus making a garden a place attractive to birds).

Essential Craftsman is a channel of a man who does building, smithing, carpentry and whatnot. Basically if you haven’t had a dad that was into hand tools, this one is a replacement.

Ever wondered what was the common food of an ordinary soldier 300 years ago? Well, how about a baked pumpkin stuffed with minced pears? Townsends is a channel of a family who reconstruct the day-to-day life of the first settlers in North America. With stories explaining the choice and difficulties of that time.

When I was into getting a driver licence, I found the channel of Eric the Car Guy quite helpful in understanding how does a car work. It’s like having a bro who’d disassemble everything for you, moving parts so as to explain how it would move when it’s built together, and all that while getting hella dirty for your sake. For that thanks to him.

one really underrated yt channel I would recommend is Disturbed Reality

link it's a channel about gore videos so it's quite morbid but very interesting, he usually talks about the backstory, facts, and a description of what happens in the videos lots of interesting topics come up wild talking about gore I've learnt lots about mexican cartels from watching Disturbed Reality, it's great for someone like me who is interested in gore but too scared to watch

it's worth noting that there isn't much editing so I suggest you watch than like podcasts, heres some of my favourite
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one really underrated yt channel I would recommend is Disturbed Reality


it's a channel about gore videos so it's quite morbid but very interesting, he usually talks about the backstory, facts, and a description of what happens in the videos lots of interesting topics come up wild talking about gore I've learnt lots about mexican cartels from watching Disturbed Reality, it's great for someone like me who is interested in gore but too scared to watch

it's worth noting that there isn't much editing so I suggest you watch than like podcasts, heres some of my favourite

YT - Gore(:nep:)

Sexual content(:shake: )[/private]
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YT - Gore(:nep: )
Sexual content(:shake: )
Not really. I'd prefer to delete it but we'll see what my colleagues say. Put it in spoiler for now so we don't have to see that shit.

Edit: Its fine to post sens it's youtube and not that bad but should be treated as NSFW.
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Sven Stoffels is a dutch artist/animator, funny streams that you catch live before they're deleted.

Toxicologist makes horror videos, though now they're just abstract, spiritual, and philosophical.

Sub Cultured - Andy Warski narrating pop culture iceberg videos.

CHANNEL771ONE/johnvw is an animator from the old days of newgrounds, cool and cute vids that I would like to see more of.

Dual Screens talks about video game localization and does translations of their original content or what non-english/japanese characters are saying.

ARUMIKEG makes cute old fashioned 3D models. They kinda look like smash bros trophies.

The top one is pretty obscure, but I always watch it to see what woke madness comes to Britain each day. The second most people already know.

History Debunked - A YouTube channel run by a British man called Simon Webb, he's a Historian/Author. He basically covers history and modern topics that most woke people don't want to hear about. He seems so hated by the woke left that they made a petition to get his YouTube channel terminated for speaking the factual truth.

Let's ask Shogo -Your Japanese friend in Kyoto - He's kinda like the Channel by the Japanese guy with the channel Nobita from Japan, but with a more traditional spin to it. While Nobita looks more the today's problem of Japan, this guy is more the traditionalist and takes you through the ancient ways of things.
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