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Comparing the Original Japanese version to the Localization.


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(might add more examples)
SPOILERS (This game is worth playing) SPOILERS
Its fully voice acted with both JP and ENG

Toned Down
13SSk (2).jpg
13SSk (1).jpg

Note: 寝込みを襲う [Assault/attack while sleeping]

English To Science
13Smor (6).jpg

Opinion: Changing it to science makes her sound more stupid, but it's acceptable localization I guess.

Peeping Tom
13SNo (2).jpg

Note: On a different scene のぞき魔 is translated correctly

Indecent situation
13SYa (3).jpg

Damsel in distress
13SUn (2).jpg

JP: Talks like a Punk不良
ENG: Strong whamen

Particular set of skills "meme"
13SYa (4).jpg

Yarikata ga kitanai
13SYa (5).jpg

Context: Black mail if I remember correctly
Note: She speaks in a rough tone やり方がきたないね ー>やり方がきたねえな

An adult I can trust

13Smor (2).jpg

Context: Iori accidentally ease-drops on a conversation that "sounds" gay
Note: On the 3rd line Juro calls what "what they are doing" おかしい/Okashii (Weird/abnormal/wrong..etc). Localization just made him hesitant.

Vitamin C

JP: complimenting her face/skin
ENG: Vitamin C is healthy

13Smor (1).jpg

Despite being a Guy
13SKu (1).jpg
13SKu (2).jpg

JP: Criticism - ENG: Question

Karada o kutskeru
13Scl (3).jpg

JP: Touching - ENG: Close

13STo (3).jpg
13SMado (6).jpg

Note: He's talking about fiddling with his brain, but doesn't specify so it sounds lewd.
1st image: He's blushing while saying this, and Hijiyama blushes in the next dialogue

13SBe (1).jpg

Note: Uruwashii is untranslated
麗しい/uruwashii seems like an old fashioned way of saying 美しい/utsukushii so he's being kinda of a weirdo in the JP

Kawaii Ojousan
13SMado (4).jpg

The implication isn't changed, but his awkward compliment is untranslated

Confuse (Spoiler)
13SMado (7).jpg

JP: 惑わせる/To lead astray (from the straight path?)
ENG: Get a rise
Note: The second line is also more specific

Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty
13Smor (4).jpg
13Smor (3).jpg

The meaning isn't changed, but for some reason "gender specific fairly-tail" comparisons were changed to generic, gender neutral ones instead.
1st: [Seriously waiting for her "白馬の王子様prince on a white horse"] to [A hopeless romantic]
2nd: Good morning "眠り姫Sleeping princess" to [Good morning sleepyhead]

Hentai ne
13Sjo (1).jpg

Not yours

Note: A bit unsure about this one. Is she saying yours as in "girlfriend" or "property"

Those Breasts
13Sst (1).jpg

13SHm (6) .jpg

13SHm (6).jpg

JP: Confused
Eng: Uncharacteristic sass

Flavor txt
13SMado (3).jpg


悪い子ね Is untranslated

Kono Ama !
13SBi (1).jpg

Note: "このアマ" does not literally mean "you bitch" but it is often translated that way.

13Smor (5).jpg
13SMado (5).jpg

The meaning isn't changed, but they went with a none offensive translation
JP: 廃人 [Cripple/disabled person, invalid] (Derogatory word)

Shumi nano
13SSh (5).jpg

Context: He picked out her outfit

Lied about [Almost liking you/Not liking you] (Spoiler)
13SKi (5).jpg
13SKi (6).jpg

Note: Need to tl and add previous scene

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doesn't look bad from those example, some stuff seems like it'd be better worded sticking closer to the JP versions, but overall it's nothing god awful


doesn't look bad from those example, some stuff seems like it'd be better worded sticking closer to the JP versions, but overall it's nothing god awful
I mean they have clearly toned down the sexual implications and removed slurs and for no good reason. While a few of the transaction does make more sense. (like the "living with a girl" and "an old fart I can trust")


Most seem just toned down. There are a couple that felt like deviating from the original intent. And of course that anything that seems to touch (even though it doesn't) into trans territory changes significantly from the original script. :gura-pain:

Still, @Ene , do you still think it's worth playing even in EN?


Still haven't played this because of the decisions made in loc. I heard the spanish script is fine though? I might just watch a no-commentary spanish playthrough lol
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