Formatting A New Thread

If you aren't familiar with how forums work you can imagine each thread as a discord channel. Make sure you stick to the topic of the thread and avoid posting unrelated content, naturally threads get derailed all the time but try to get back on topic. How this will be enforced depends mostly on the forum moderator.

Capitalize Thread Titles.


You're wanting to post about a new independent vtuber you found, and discuss their content.
Go to the vtuber forum to post the thread.
Start the thread with a short description of the vtuber, why you watch them, what makes them unique, etc, etc.
Link their profiles and add examples of their work in the thread, videos/music/art you find interesting.
Afterwards post it and pray someone notices.

This is a pretty specific example but try to follow that general idea for most threads. If you're unsure about what to say then read some existing threads to get an idea of what to do.
In the future I, or the mods will delete low effort/low quality threads. You'll get a notification if this happens and there should be a reason included + how to improve it before you repost it.
I'll also update this post with examples of good threads so you have a better idea of how to format your posts.

if you're making a post about a person for the Twitter-Bullshittery forum make sure they meet the following criteria
  1. Has enough information about them to be worthy of a thread
    There are lots of people out there who say one or two stupid things in which case they may be better suited for one of the following threads depending on the topic
    However if you think you've got enough material, and will have future content as well create the thread. Fangz being a prime example. Harassed Kyuotto which brought them to the spotlight, and still continues to get caught up in drama.
  2. Format the title like so
    Primary Name / @name / alias / a short description about the person
    use existing threads as an example if you're unsure of what to put. Look for threads under the Eccentric Individual tag as examples.
  3. Archive posts. If you're unsure how see this thread
    People delete stuff all the time (see the lolidrama thread for examples). Its important you archive posts to make sure they can't hide and accuse you of making up tweets/posts/whatever.
  4. Explain why you made the thread in the first sentence. Do a quick summary of whatever drama made you find them, or their past actions that made you think they deserve a thread.
    You have the rest of the post to cover things chronologically, but hook the thread reader in the first sentence. This is basic middle school writing :p
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Some additional things to consider to make your thread look prettier and easy to read

  • You should resize or spoiler images that are too large, you can also resize two or more images to make them to fit in one line


  • Don't let your thread be nothing but spoilers, it looks bad. Try to add an example or preview before the spoiler i.g

Moth VTuber being retarded



  • Use horizontal lines to separate parts of your thread, kind of unnecessary but it looks good

  • The forum will automatically embed tweets if you post a tweet link, to prevent that insert the link over text
Like this

Capitalize Thread Titles
It’s just the 300 year old way of writing


(The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language, p. 1757. Huddleston, Pullum. 2002)